Being comfortable in your place of work is really important. You spend a lot of the working week in the office so it needs to be somewhere you are happy being. It also needs to be somewhere you feel you can go and lose yourself without any distractions.

Having a light, airy office is something that adds a lot to a workplace. Having daylight coming in through the windows allows you to feel like you aren’t locking yourself indoors all-day. It means you can take two minutes away from your computer screen and take a look outside.

Bright colours, comfy chairs and a large window looking out on a nice view creates a clean, colourful atmosphere where you can get your head down, but also keep you in touch with what is going on outdoors. We often can be left feeling like we haven’t seen or heard anything other than the sounds and people within the office all day – being able to look outside gives you a sense of freedom.

A wall mural with positive messages allows us to focus on positive things. Some places of work have a traffic light system – they ask how you are feeling that day, green is great, orange is could be better and red is having a bad day. This is important as you can then focus on the people who aren’t feeling too great and try and create a more positive outlook on the day by involving others and making them feel listened too.

It is important to have a place at work (such as a breakout area) where people can go for lunch, or just go and sit for an hour each day to draw themselves out of the work environment and try and relax.

Taking a break allows us to stay more positive as we look to relieve ourselves of any built up stress from that morning by talking to other colleagues and telling them our problems. It also means you have drawn yourself away from a computer screen.

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