Most people don’t pay attention to ads anymore. People now expect ads to actually speak to them—to connect to their hopes and dreams, to flip their thinking in unexpected ways and to reflect the world they would like to see around them. Advertising can offer this because, every once in a while, you will  find yourself cracking up or wanting more after watching a commercial that connects with you. These are some of the most creative ads worth sharing.

1. A game of social thrones

A rendition of the iconic opening titles of HBO’s Game of Thrones by Hootsuite.

2. Hands by Honda

This adorably quirkly ad uses sleight-of-hand to celebrate the curiosity of Honda engineers

3. Let’s Save Africa by the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (It’s not what you think)

Michael is the best at what he does—when top charities need an African child star for their ads, they call him first. This sarcastic piece reminds us of how ridiculous stereotypes can be, and why we need to throw them out.

4. Stockholm – it’s not a coincidence! Produced by Step2 Communication

This magician’s card tricks will blow your mind, convince you to move to Stockholm.

5. Mistakes by New Zealand Transport Agency

No one should pay for a mistake with their life. That’s the punchline to this powerful conversation between two men without enough time to react to a life-changing accident.