You’ve got a busy life and you probably have all the apps you need to be productive, social and have fun in your spare time. There’s always a lot to pack into one day and nobody wants to busy without purpose. Technology has always been here to help you do more with less. There are plenty of ways that a few apps can actually simplify your life. These are 11 useful apps that can help.

1. Carousel

Dropbox’s new app for backing up and organizing photos this week. The app pulls in all of the images from your Dropbox account and camera roll, and creates an interactive timeline with photos grouped into events, so you can easily resurface pictures from the past. Carousel is available for iOS and Android.

2. Solar Walk

Solar Walk launched its app, which provides a stunning interactive 3D map of the solar system, on Android this week. The app provides detailed models of the Milky Way and all of the planets in our solar system.  A free Android version is also available.

3. Frontback

Frontback is an app for “selfies with context,”. The app captures photos from both the front- and rear-facing cameras, and creates a single image that can be easily shared across social media. Frontback is available on iOS and Android.

4. Disconnect Search

Built by a team that includes former engineers from both the NSA and Google, Disconnect’s search app is the ultimate tool for the security conscious. The app allows you to search all the Internet’s major search engines, while completely hiding your identity. Disconnect is available for Android.

5. Opera Coast

Opera Coast, Opera’s newest mobile browser that makes the entire web look like an app. The browser is specially designed for iPhone screens, with gesture-based controls for easier navigation and predictive search. Opera Coast also features popular sites from around the web, including Reddit, Facebook, Digg and UpWorthy, and puts them front and center for easy content discovery. Opera Coast is available for iOS.

6. Cal

If you rely heavily on your smartphone, your calendar is probably chock-full of items. Cal is an aesthetically pleasing calendar with integrated functions that tie in your contacts and social media accounts. Available for iOS and Android.

7. Timehop

Connect your social-media accounts, and the app pulls up photos and updates to remind you of what you were doing on the same day in previous years. The app is available for iOS and Android.

8. Random

Random’s iOS app could be one of the most simple content-discovery apps on the market. The app can keep tabs on subjects in which you’re interested. Tap on one of the ever-changing topics, and Random redirects you to an image, news article or video. Random is available for iOS.

10. Calm

Calm is a meditation app that helps you scoop out time just to be still. It accompanies your zen sessions with beautiful photographs and soothing music, for maximum namaste time. Available for iOS.

11. Solar

Solar has a simple yet visually appealing interface that tells you the forecast for the day. Available for iOS and Android.