Customers have too many options.You job as a marketer is to create stories and messages that stand out from the many marketing messages out there. In the abundance of options, only the products and services that solves real problems with the best marketing campaign get noticed early and often. What are you doing differently today to attract the right audience? The most important key here is to give your target market something that interests them.

These are a few things successful marketers are currently doing differently to attract and retain customers.

1. Successful marketers start with a clear objective. What exactly do you expect from your campaign? Every marketer has at least, a single most important objective to achieve. What’s your marketing goal? Some marketers are trying to convert visitors to buyers, others want a percentage of the market share in the first half of the year. A few more want to achieve a certain percentage of product awareness among the target audience within a specific time. Once you know what you want, you can confidently plan on what to do to accomplish your goals.

2. They focus on marketing channels that can actually deliver results. Stay away from marketing overload. There are now too many channels, tools and platforms you can use to convey your marketing message. But the successful marketers focus on channels that can convert and get them close to their goals.

Its natural and tempting to start posting, tweeting, pinning, blogging and pitching through as many channels as possible. This can prove fatal, especially if you don’t know where your target audience hang out. Pick one or two marketing channels where your target customer hangs out and market relevant messages in those places.

It’s okay to focus on your core business and outsource your marketing efforts if you don’t have the time to successfully pull it off. Marketing professionals at Kaboom startups can help your startup succeed by getting you in front of customers with a strategy for success. With 50% of startups failing in the first year, you need to be sure you are doing the right thing right from the beginning.

3. Successful marketers craft clear and a consistent message. You don’t want to bore people into taking notice  of inconsistent, boring or unclear messages. You will be doing reputation damage to your brand. Most people will struggle to find the uniqueness of your product if your message doesn’t stand out. Remarkable marketers focus on benefits not features.

The key success factor isn’t the feature, but what customers stand to gain or better still, the problem your product solves. What makes the feature stand out is the story behind the feature; the reason why that feature is so very important. Focus on creating the best marketing story and your product will not struggle to sell.

4. They offer something of value as marketing hook. If you intend to use content marketing to attract prospective, invest some time into crafting marketing hooks (information offered as an incentive in exchange for contact details). Hooks set the stage for further communication.

The most popular marketing hooks are downloadable ebooks, whitepapers or even blog newsletters that promise industry knowledge on weekly basis. Example, “Download our free marketing ebook on the marketing strategies that guarantees conversion”. You will not only get the contact of a prospective user but also have the opportunity to educate and inform them to win their trust for future product pitches.

5. Successful marketers tell authentic and compelling stories. Telling great marketing stories has absolutely nothing to do with finding the best keywords that connect with your audience. It’s all about telling your most compelling story your audience can identify with. When the only thing you think about is selling, selling and selling, what happens? Potential customers get emails that are only promotions.

And guess what, when they start to feel you don’t care about them but just your product, they will immediately ignore you. You can never win customers over with consistent spamming. Before you sell anything, you have to connect first. But how? You can start by sharing how you started your journey as a business. Business is personal, make it personal. Successful marketers share the human side of their business. Start talking about your humble beginnings. Because, quite simply, that’s what people can relate to. Your  story is proof that you truly understand your prospective customers, and that you understand their problems and can help them! What’s your story?