Growth hacking is an incredibly hot topic right now. Growth Hacking is just a great way to describe marketing that really converts. A remarkable growth hacker focuses on steady, rapid, consistent and sustainable growth. A growth hacker’s most singular role is an absolute laser focus on growth.

“Your success is only partially dictated by how much traffic you get. The other half of the equation is the quality of your traffic. (…) Imagine you run a mechanic shop. Who would you rather talk to: 100 people who own cars… or 10 people whose cars are broken down on the side of the road right now?”–Neil Patel (check out Neil’s Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking).

These are a few growth hacking ideas that converts.

1. Give people a great experience on all devices then they are much more likely to read, share and return to your content.

2. Easiest way to show your customers how your product works and why do they need it is a whiteboard-style animation or explainer video. Creating such video doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

3. Click on “share” button to get a discount.

4. Ask your customers to take a picture with your product and share it on Facebook.

5. Monitor queries that people use to enter your landing page and create separate mini-landing page for that query. That can also work with support requests.

6. Your website should make visitors to do the action you want them to do.

7. Social proof goes a long way. Have testimonials on your website.

8. If you can, make people create unique content on your page (ie. profiles, subpages, etc). This is great SEO friendly unique content.

9. Don’t require password repeat at sign up – put it in clear text with an option “hide password”.

10. Send as many personalized emails as you can.

11. Have content pages written by different people to avoid duplicates.

12. Use LaunchRock to get e-mails of early adopters and customers.

13. In freemium: instead of offering first free month, give people credit.

14. Sell the promise. Under promise and over deliver. Don’t over promise and under deliver.

15. Referral – make it super easy for users to refer new users via email/facebook message/give them links.

16. Use events to track users who abandon your registration form.

17. Firstly establish trust, sell second. Do not mention costs at first sight. Instead give something for free, e.g. “free trial”.

18. Social proof and testimonials work much better if you include logos, personal pictures or high profile clients.

20. Distinctive “Call to action” button is almost always a must. It is better if placed at the top of the page so the visitors don’t need to scroll down.

21. Try to avoid brown and orange colors at your web page. According to research those are the most hated colors by both men and women.

22. Quick content idea tip: monitor Quora about hot topics in your niche and put together content piece about it.

23. Your company blog is a place where you can instantly appreciate your customers – tell their story, good case study or simply post a thank-you note. Check out Buffer, KISSmetrics and Hubspot blogs.

24. Reply to emails quickly. (As fast as you can 2-3min, customers love it).

25.  Have a great unsubscribe page. Check out this example from HubSpot

26. If you have a piece of high quality content (blog post, infographic) that has proven to be popular and frequently read, use Social Locker to require people to share it in order to access it. (users hate this, but if done well, it can increase your target reach.

27. Dropbox-like discounts – get a link and every time someone uses it he or she gets a discount. Automatically same discount is applied to your account.

28. Make it possible for your customers to create something and publish it on social media.

29.  After you convince your user to sign-up for a newsletter (or anything else) give them a little to-do list (FB like, Twitter follow) in exchange for some additional, fancy piece of content. Check it how Noah Kagan does it.

30. Pre-fill forms for users.

31. Monitor how much traffic you get from each keyword and how it converts. Find ways to improve (i.e. write articles about the topic or hire seo agency).

32. Do skype interviews with popular people in your industry, and write up as blog content.

33. Invite influential people to guest post on your blog.

34. Write detailed answers to Quora questions in your sector.

35.  Short landing pages work better for “free signup”; longer when you require money to use your product.

36. Send a personal, hand-written message or memorable custom messages to your most engaged (or first, or paying) customers.

37. Use call-to-action button in your e-mails. “Upgrade your Account”, “Visit site” etc.

38. Social referrals is another large contributor to growth. Don’t even think about ignoring it.

39. Add a personal touch to almost everything. Business is personal, make it personal.

40. There really is no better way to show off what your product can do than with a case study. Provide downloadable case studies.