To compete and win in your industry, you have to be able to move and act quickly when it comes to customer service. Customers expect more than you can give, they want immediate response to their feedback and complaints.They will easily turn to your competitors if you constantly ignore their call, put them on hold delay in getting back to them. You customers are your business and should be your primary focus.

To stay in constant communication with your customers, your workforce should be able to receive calls even when they are mobile. Some phone systems can automatically route incoming calls to cell phones, desk phones, computers, and the like. This is especially important for employees on the go. Example, the virtual phone system can help you work remotely. While a system like this may be beneficial, you are not going to get the most out of it without customizing the experience to match your needs. Use these tips when deciding how to approach this in regards to employees who are always on the go.

1. Get a set itinerary. 
Ask your employees to give you a set schedule of where they will be and when. If they travel for work, you need to know their exact travel plans each day so that you can know which device makes the most sense. If they are on the office, for example, a desk phone or a computer could be used, but it has to switch over to a mobile phone the moment they head for the train station or get in the car.

2. Provide employees with work phones. 
A surefire way to make sure that the employees actually have their phones on them when someone calls is to give them each a work phone. This should be as much a part of their work outfit as a suit coat or a tie. Once they get in the habit of carrying it, they are easier to reach.

3. Understand cell coverage charts.
Finally, you must know when employees may be leaving areas with good cell coverage. If they do, they should start taking calls in a different fashion – such as through the app on their laptop.

If your business is not taking advantage of a phone routing system or virtual number yet, invest resources into how it can help your business and stay in touch with your customers to win their business all the time.