Every successful social media marketer is required to stay engaged at all times. Social marketers connect with customers and manage multiple social accounts on daily basis. They stay up to date about industry trends. Social marketers do a whole lot of tasks to be successful at what they do. Most companies are yet to fully leverage social media tools for marketing purposes. And they are most likely to adopt social management systems in the near future to reach millions of prospective customers who are constantly using social apps.

These are a few of the many things social media marketers do on daily basis to be successful.

1. They create checklist to evaluate new social platforms. The temptation to keep your fingers on the pulse of new and trending social media tools is very high for social marketers. Knowing when to leap into the latest social platform is a great skill to master. Most employers want to be on almost every social platform. You don’t have to be on every social media platform to be successful at leveraging social tools. It’s your job to know which social platforms converts the most for your business.

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Successful social media marketers choose social tools that will be most effective and can achieve their overall marketing objectives. They measure their social campaigns and focus on platforms that perform instead of being on every social tool out there. Before you jump on social tools, ask yourself: Does the purpose of the social tool align with our brand and social identity? Is our current or potential audience on this platform? Will we see a return on investment or energy if we join this social platform?

2. Successful social marketers create measurable strategies. Every business has a strategy for acquiring new customers or users. Your social marketing campaign should always have a unique strategy for attracting customers and retaining them. They align their social marketing goals with the general business objective.

Their overall agenda takes into account where the company is headed. They don’t do anything in isolation. Whilst creating your social marketing strategy, ask yourself: Do my social goals support greater business goals? What is our brand voice and how do we adapt that for social?

3. They know where to invest social marketing resources.  The importance of social marketing measurement cannot be overemphasised. Successful social marketers regularly access their current social campaigns and pull the plug where necessarily. Don’t hesitate to limit investment of time and resources on social platforms that are under performing.

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You should know which social platforms require your maximum attention and which ones do not deserve further investment of time based on your measurements. Ask yourself: Is the audience on this platform still appropriate for our brand? What factors caused the decrease in performance/engagement?

4. Successful social marketers never stop learning.  You can only know the trends in your industry if you maintain a curious learning habit. Blink and you will miss out on what works now and what will convert next year. Social tools evolve. Twitter is not the same Twitter we knew last year.

Consumer behaviour changes. You don’t want to be using the same strategy next year. Successful marketers are agile and change with time. They keep themselves updated with almost everything about their industries.

Ask yourself: Which tools, blogs and resources can I use to keep myself updated about my industry? How much time should I allocate to learning new things about my industry? Staying updated could take most of your time.  Don’t just stay updated, get actual work done.

5. They know when to take a break. Some social marketers live and breathe their role almost all the time without a break. You don’t want to break down. Your body can never and will never keep up with automatic tools. Twitter will be live 24/7. Facebook runs all the time, but you can’t keep up. The good news is, there are tools that can help automate your tasks when you take a break.  Stop the insanity! Don’t even try it to keep up. You won’t lose anything whist Twitter is running at 2am.

Brand evangelism is 24/7/365. Your role is not 24/7. Don’t kill yourself. It’s essential to stay up to date with the news, trends, tweets and updates but don’t do it at the expense of your life. Successful social marketers set realistic, measurable and attainable social marketing expectations.

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Ask for help when the need arises. To be successful, ask yourself: What are the best days and times to engage our brand’s audience? What social tools can we employ that provides automated and optimal send times for best results?

Social media marketing can be productive and professionally satisfying. It can also be overwhelming and demanding. To stay on top of your game, focus on these five habits and you will undoubtedly reach new levels of success in your social marketing efforts.


  1. While I agree that it isn’t necessary to be on all the major social networks to expect the same level of penetration, it’s important to note that there may be other businesses in other industries with the same name. So to minimize the confusion, it should be a diligent effort to also acquire the user name for that platform, even if you’re not as noticeably active there. It’s a similar concept as buying several extension for a domain name to avoid diluting the brand.

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