Your phone’s battery life can be significantly improved if you stick to a few guidelines. You won’t be able to make the most of your phone if your battery life is very poor. You don’t have to deal with a dead battery if you take appropriate steps almost all the time when your phone is in use. Most smartphones are packed with features you don’t need. Locate them and turn them off.

Turn off signals. Features like wi-fi, bluetooth, airplane mode and GPS are mostly on all the time. If you are not using them, it’s advisable to just turn them off. Even though the display backlight rapidly drains most smartphones, it shouldn’t be your only problem. There could be lots of apps that are equally doing damage to your battery life. When not in use, make sure they are completely closed.

Sometimes you think you have closed the apps, but they are usually still running in the background. Locate your apps manager and make sure they are really turned off. And make sure your handset doesn’t get overheated. Batteries work efficiently when kept in a cool place. Keep it out of the sunlight.

The infographic below explains all the necessary things you should do to keep your phone’s battery life longer.

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