Cutting-edge technology can have limitless applications. To this end, Drywired remains one of the leaders in innovative solutions to everyday problems. From creating a clean environment to protecting valuable computer equipment, features an array of products that can be highly useful to both commercial enterprises and personal life.

The following is just a sampling of the many products created by the innovative minds at Drywired. Use of these products can ensure that both individuals as well as corporate enterprises have the means to operate efficiently and effectively.

Nanocoating Courtesy of 101X

Keeping electrical components free from damage can be a crucial concern in many industries. This is especially true in computing, where high-value equipment can become irrevocably damaged due to outside elements.

Fortunately, Drywired can help keep sensitive components free from damage in the form of 101X. This patented solution provides a number of protections for important equipment, from repelling water to providing corrosion resistance.

101X can be applied to a multitude of items in the computing industry. Such items include:

  • Electronic Configurations
  • Printer Heads
  • Hard Drive Components
  • Motherboards
  • Magneto-Resistive Heads

101X can also be used on many different surfaces and materials, such as metals, plastics, and even glass, making it an ideal solution for those looking to keep their delicate systems intact.

Heat Shield Offers Unbeatable Thermal Insulation

When it comes to optimizing energy usage, Drywired’s Heat Shield treatment can prove highly useful. Heat Shield is approved for use on both property and vehicles, providing numerous benefits to each.

  • Commercial/Residential – Heat Shield can greatly reduce utility bills for commercial and residential properties. This treatment is also ideal for those with environmental concerns relating to wasted energy. As a result, monthly expenditure will be decreased and owners can make a real impact in terms of environmental preservation.
  • Transportation Industry – When used in conjunction with work vehicles, Heat Shield can greatly enhance overall performance. Applying Heat Shield to a vehicle can reduce the need for AC usage, which can result in lower fuel costs. This is especially important for those in the transportation industry, who may find themselves logging long hours on the road.

Reduce Microbial Presence With Clean Armor

A clean environment is crucial for staying healthy. Clean Armor can keep surfaces clean on a microscopic level thanks to its patented microbial protection. This treatment reduces the growth of things like bacteria, mold, fungus, and many other organisms that can contribute to illness.

Not only does Clean Armor kill on contact, it also acts to inhibit future growth. Unlike other microbial treatments, Clean Armor is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments. This is because Clean Armor is created using chitosan, a natural bacterial agent derived from discarded crab shells. As a result, Clean Armor is not only effective, it is also created utilizing sustainable methods.

Solutions to Life’s Most Pressing Issues

Drywired products are the result of exhaustive research performed by industry professionals. This means that each offering is carefully constructed using the most up-to-date methods available. Whether seeking thermal insulation, equipment coating, or something more, Drywired can offer a selection of products to suit every conceivable need.