Freelancing represents a huge trend in the modern employment market, as technological advancement and the changing outlook of employers continues to drive independent contracting. This is something for contemporary employees and candidates for work to bear in mind, as if they do have aspirations to become their own boss and drive their own professional destiny then now is the ideal time to pursue these goals.

It is also important to remember that it is possible to freelance in almost any possible sector or market, so you need not limit yourself to targeting those that have a reputation for independent contracting.

Being a Self-Employed Driver: What to Consider

You may want to consider becoming a self-employed lorry driver, for example, as this is the type of market where flexible working hours and independence are already key components. Keep the following points in mind when considering this as a career path: –

Do You Have the Necessary Accreditation?

If you have worked as a lorry driver for a reputable company, they will most likely have taken care of ensuring that you have an up to date license and the necessary accreditation for driving large-scale vehicles.

As a freelancer it is your responsibility to ensure that your paperwork and accreditation is updated, however, as there is no supporting infrastructure or administration network to prompt you. If you fail to do this, you may face financial sanctions and your freelance career may be over before it has even begun.

Obtain the Relevant Insurance

On a similar note, you will also be responsible for securing comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle. From HGV haulage insurance to standard vehicle cover, you need to ensure that are protected against all potential risks and have the necessary paperwork to support this.

Haulage insurance is particularly important, as it is not as well-known as standard vehicle coverage and yet protects the goods that you carry in the event of an accident or collision. Given that these goods are likely to have already been purchased by consumers; this can save you huge amounts of money as a freelancer.

The Need to Assume Ultimate Responsibility

On a final note, it is worth remembering that freelancing of any description demands that you are able to assume full responsibility for your actions and workload. If you lack the necessary experience or strength to fulfil your hours with discipline, network with potential new clients and face up to issues as and when they arise, you will not be able to achieve long-term or independent success. These factors must also be combined with an ability to complete everyday tasks, and this is a far from simple balance to achieve.