In the age of super-fast services and constant shortage of time, the search for the golden rule of productivity seems to have become more intense than ever. Bad news is, there is no one way that leads to increased efficiency, though you can follow a set of principles while on your quest to reaching desired results in very little time. Maximise your performance with the tips and tricks singled out specifically to boost your energy level, help you maintain high focus and provide you with an extra dose of creativity.

1. Declutter your workplace….fast. The most common, yet just as underappreciated, way of dealing with the inevitable passage of time is avoiding or eliminating distractions. Anything from writing materials scattered across the table to loud music busting out from the street could delay the start of your work and slow down your thinking.

Making sure the place of work is tidy, windows shut and any unnecessary items removed should mark the initial step of preparation for some strenuous mental work or just another day at the office.

2. The love for multitasking needs to end. Stop multitasking, seriously, stop. It remains a mystery just how this efficiency destroying habit could become so popular, though it has been proven plenty of times that, if anything, it only leads to a significant decrease in productivity. Concentrating on a number of tasks at the same time forces the brain to split attention, which it is not biologically prepared for. It makes the confused mind lower its performance in all areas of focus.

3. Don’t put the hardest tasks aside. If “avoiding the unavoidable” sounds familiar to you, this could mean you are one of those who easily fall into the dark trap of procrastination. Leaving any tasks “for later” should become the thing of the past, and the way to achieve this is to actually act out on your plans.

Making the first step is usually the hardest part, but it all seems to get better from there. When faced with a tough challenge or an assignment that leaves you feeling unsure of your skills, either set a specific time to start working on it or, even better, make it your priority of the day.

4. Don’t undervalue a good night’s sleep. So often underestimated, the power of sleep has never given in to any artificial performance boosters or caffeine products that promise to make up for the lost bedtime rest. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you are getting the minimum eight hours of sleep per night and, if necessary, engage in short naps during the day.

The time of relaxation should also not vary significantly from your general routine, as just as your organism gets accustomed to regular mealtimes, it also follows set times of rest.

5. It pays to go offline. Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, but also one of the biggest existing distractions. This fact proves to be true whenever a demanding or long-term task is awaiting completion, and the need for a dose of online news is so irresistible. The most sensible decision to make in such a situation is to perform as much of the assignment as possible offline and away from the computer.

Whether or not you have already set out on your journey towards increased efficiency, you will definitely see a meaningful difference if you decide to implement any, or all, of the above suggestions into your professional routine. Equipped in the brand new productivity hacks, you’ll be ready to face another day full to the brim with work, and bound to reach the peak of your potential.

Monique Craig is an Australian blogger and marketing specialist, who works for Oneflare, an Australian online marketplace, which connects customers with service providers.

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