Every great blog post has two things that can make it a success. A magnetic headline and an epic content. If the headline fails to convince the reader in less than 10 seconds, that content you call awesome won’t be read. That window of opportunity is all you have in the midst of the hundreds of thousands of posts that are published everyday.

Some of the most successful bloggers can take hours to craft the best title for their content. Make no mistake, the reader has no time to waste. You either create the best headline ever for every post you write or your content will forever be hidden. All the time you wasted to put together that epic content won’t count if you don’t have a convincing headline. The click is in the headline.

Once you have passed the headline test, you should be able to deliver on your promise. You reputation is on the line if you write a great headline but fail to produce epic content. The ingredient presented in this infographic (courtesy copyblogger) are all you need to create a killer post. Print it, pin it, but whatever you do … use it to craft your next post.

In a nutshell: Craft a magnetic headline. Open with a bang. Use persuasive words. Write damn good sentences. Insert killer bullet points. Create exquisite subheads. Tell a seductive story. Keep attention with internal cliffhangers. Choose an arresting image. Close with style. And Be authentic.