There is nothing more exciting than having a new business start-up, especially at a time when economic growth is rampant. Even though economists have been keen to reiterate that the recent levels of growth are unlikely to be sustained indefinitely, the commercial and consumer sentiment remains bolder than it has been at any point since the Great Recession.

Even relatively small and independent businesses have an opportunity to succeed in the current climate, especially when you consider the accessibility of contemporary technology and creative marketing techniques.

Here are few things you can do to spread the word about your business.

With this in mind, it has never been easier to establish a profitable start-up business and marketing strategy without spending the earth. Consider the following ideas: – 

Believe in word of mouth (it works)

The word of mouth is an age old marketing technique, but one that has survived the considerable test of time. It is free to action and extremely simple to implement, although you will be require to execute your service efficiently and employ motivated staff members that buy into your particular brand.

It also takes time to build a loyal consumer base this way, but you can at least rely on returning custom and more sustainable revenue streams. Simply by developing a high quality product or service and executing its delivery well, satisfied customers will share your brand and lay the foundations for a positive reputation.

Exclusivity has proven useful (it creates anticipation)

When you release a new product to a chosen audience, t helps you focus on building a great product your early customers will love and possibly share with their friends when you are ready to release it to the public. Most startups use initial invite-only for test their products. Beta users are then given the opportunity to invite a limited number of their friends or followers who could also invite others.

Give away something for free

You could allow your audience to sign up or use your product for free for a certain period of time. If it’s not possible to allow people to use your product for free, think about something the consumer might need or find interesting or relevant. Customer education works best when you have valuable information your audience will find useful. Share you domain expertise via ebooks, whitepapers, infographics or any other downloadable document.

You can utilise your employees as a mobile marketing team

From iconic uniforms to t-shirts and other garments, customer facing brands should always look to drive recognition through their employees. With hard-working, loyal and motivated staff members on hand, it is possible to create a proactive business culture that encourages employees to speak positively about your brand and serve as an effective mobile marketing tactic.

By sharing positive experiences about the brand and business philosophy, it is possible to achieve great success. A selected number of employees could also be selected to attend niche conferences related to your industry. These events are not only a great way to raise your startup’s profile, they also serve as valuable networking opportunities for you business.

You can still use print materials to good effect

While the traditional printing industry may be considered by some to be ailing, it is in fact evolving through advanced and three dimensional technology. Print remains a huge marketing technique in the modern age, whether you are producing billboard posters or images for trade show and exhibition stands.

Companies such as Aura Print are a huge ally for small business owners, primarily because they offer a flexible and technologically advanced service that is accessible through short print runs. This makes it easier to create an affordable print campaign without compromising on quality.