There are hundreds if not thousands of amazing business apps out there built purposely to make your work easier. You may be using a few of them already. After all, there are only a few you can actually use constantly to help with your work. You can never get enough time for all the work you need done every week. Projects keep piling up, phone calls keep coming in, and meetings seem to never end.

Sometimes all you need is an app to keep you motivated, productive and synced with your colleagues. If you’re looking to boost your work week productivity, these apps can help ease the stress of everyday work life. They perform both simple tasks and complex ones.

1. Cloud Storage and sharing apps. Almost every popular could storage app out there offer free space for basic use. Cloud-based storage apps  are becoming must-have apps for most business professionals. Any worthwhile service should include a mobile app to allow you access documents while away from the nest. These four some of the most popular; Dropbox, OneDriveGoogle Drive and Box.

2. Mailtracker (iOS app) does a simple job of notifying you when receivers open emails you send them. This helpful iOS app syncs with the iPhone’s mailbox and can send you a detailed notification of when the other person reads a message, where they read it from, etc.

3. Cotap searches your phone’s address book for anyone who also uses your work email domain, automatically creating your company’s address book within the Cotap platform.

4. Trello. With a mobile app and desktop version, Trello (the “organize anything” app) makes it easy to manage tasks and projects, and even share and collaborate on your to-do list with teammates.

5. HeyWire Business Messenger lets you use your business landline number to text others so you can keep your business identity without having to use your personal phone number. And, unlike Cotap, HeyWire lets you text people outside your organization.

Heywire business meseenger

6. Refresh. If you desperately for need a conversation starter for your first meetings, Refresh can help. Refresh quickly gives you details on anyone you’re about to meet. Plus, it allows you to take notes on contacts and even set follow-up reminders.

7. Slack is one of the best ways for keeping in touch with your team members at work without the hustle of emails. It is a chat room of sorts, and you can tag users and create multiple channels for smaller team projects.

8. Pushbullet is a personal phone notification assistant for your computer. The app syncs with your computer and can display all of your notifications from your phone right to the screen. Pushbullet can let you send files between devices, which can be immediately downloaded.

9. Glassboard works like a social network for teams. Members can share photos, videos, notes, files and locations. The boards are 100% private.

10. Asana has recently become one of the best ways for team members to stay on the same page. Through the app, teams can create a shared task list, and assign items on the list to individuals. List managers can prioritize items. The mobile app allows collaborators to edit the list in realtime.


11. Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a free app that will help you manage your daily tasks. It acts as a digital to-do list. The app is not just for lists, but also setting reminders, making notes and sharing events. It’s one of the few popular productivity apps you can use.

12. Evernote is on almost every productivity app list. They are doing amazing work. Evernote is another popular app that can be helpful for a wide variety of professionals. It seamlessly syncs your your personal notes across devices. The app is capable of working with audio notes and photos as well.