In the realm of websites, there are good websites and there are bad websites. Many of the great websites will stand out from the crowd because they work well, they are pleasing to the eye and they are full of the products, services and information you are looking for. Bad websites can also be memorable, but for the opposite reasons. Don’t let your website be memorable for something bad. Create a great website that stands out from the crowd and best serves your customers. Getting a custom web design that represents your brand helps a lot. Here are a few things you should be doing.

It pays to hire a professional

If you are not sure you can build your own website, you can also seek the help of a professional web designer. This is the more expensive option since more web builders are free, but you will be able to get the best for your website. When you hire a professional designer, you will be able to discuss with them the vision you see for your website. You will also talk about what type of user experience you want to give to your visitors. Once that is on the table, the designer can come up with one or more designs that they can show you to gauge your interest.

Create your own unique design

There are many great websites on the Internet that have been created by people who have little knowledge of coding, web build and other skills that come with building a great site. The way that people build great sites without these skills is through a website builder. If you find a great building tool, you will have access to all of the elements necessary for a well-designed page.

In many of these online builders you will be able to simply drag and drop whatever you would like on your site, from a block of text and accompanying photo to videos and cool graphics. As long as you understand some basic elements of color and style when it comes to your design, you can build a great website for your business in just a few hours.

Keep it insanely clean!

Too many sites are cluttered. It drives visitors away.  Ads, banners, badges, signs, pop-ups, buttons, and so on – sometimes they get in the way of the value you want to offer your clients. Keep them to barest minimum. Be different. Think of the visitor first. Flat, responsive and white spaces offer some of the best visitor experience. Find out what works best for your business and apply changes that can convert better for you.

Try as much as possible to keep everything simplistic or even minimal with only your most important content spotlighted for your customers. It’s difficult to do away with all the buttons that convert to real customers but maintain them only at places that will covert the most. Whatever you find appealing, make sure it doesn’t contribute to the noise and clutter.

Pay attention to your text and colour combination.  Don’t make your readers squint to read it. Double check all your text for it’s ease of readability. Your readers or customers will thank you for that. An insanely simple site with great colour combination and the perfect fonts will make your site stand out. Your content is up to you. The information you provide for your readers or customers should be easy to digest.

Whether you choose to build your site yourself or hire a professional, the biggest thing to keep in mind is your customers. As long as you fill a need for them, you will find your website will increase your company’s success.