The wealth of data available at your disposal can radically change the way you run your marketing campaign. Your marketing messages can have the most impact if you know what consumers expect or want before they make a decision to buy any product. Consumer behaviour keeps changing and the same marketing messages that worked last year may not convert this year.

Five years ago, there was no Vine, Instagram or Snapchat. Pinterest wasn’t even in the scene. But now they are significant channels that drive most marketing messages. Businesses that are making the most of consumer behaviour data are constantly reaching millions of targeted audience with the right message at the right time and on the right channel. Marketers are now moving beyond basic segmentation to offer personalised, valuable and permissioned experiences that are not intrusive and converts better.

When implemented well, data can be the engine that powers your new brand. And you can take advantage of both the right channel and data-driven marketing trends to get your message to the right people at all times. IDC predicts that digital marketing investment will exceed 50% of total program budget by 2016. The right data can help you understand who your customer is and what the optimal mix of marketing strategies you can adopt for the best results now and in the future.

The right tools can help you understand your most important data at a glance.

There are hundreds of tools out there that can help you identify the right data for your business and marketing purposes. You can consider Google’s Keyword Planner, Moz Open Site Explorer, Quicksprout, Tweriod etc. Geckoboard brings all your key data together, in one place. It gives you instant access to your most important metrics. You can collect business information from many online services and customers own data sources.

Geckoboard summarises it to distill the key messages and displays it in a way that’s easy to understand and interpret. Once you have the most important data you need for marketing purposes, focus on what works best for and do more of what brings the most results.

Your business need to embrace data to be able to tell the right story customers can identify with. Data is the basic foundation upon which to build your marketing campaign. The numbers may not mean a lot if you consider them in isolation. Focus on metrics that are relevant to your business.

The amount of data you have at your disposal can help you refine key components of your marketing strategy. The right data helps you react quickly to prevent problems or spot opportunities before it’s too late.

Social data is hugely powerful

The rapidly changing social landscape can be tempting for most businesses.  You can’t be everything to everyone. You don’t have to be on every social platform.  It’s more important to choose the sites that work for you and your business goals. You can only know which social sites are best for your business if you know how your social marketing campaigns are performing on your current social sites.

Social data can reveal important insights about your audience. 

Image-friendly businesses like restaurants, clothes and fashion, food, architecture, technology, designers, etc. perform better on Pinterest and Instagram.

Twitter is great for relationship-building with influencers and communication with your customer-base. If you have amazing content in different formats to giveaways, grow your twitter followers and leverage it for engagement.

Facebook probably won’t get you more sales, but it’s the one social site you can’t afford d to ignore. Google+ is ideal for content sharing.

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a content platform. Share great content targeted at business professionals on Linkedin.

Based on the data you can gather from your social campaigns, you can determine which days of the week engagement has typical been higher, the formats of content that records the most shares or the types of blog posts that performs well on social media. You can also find out the topics that bring in higher than average interactions. Social data from different sources can guide to draw out some insights that may make all of the difference in generating engagement for your content.

Find out what your competition is doing right!

You can learn a lot from what your competition is doing right. You could anywise their blog and post engagements to know what content that drives the most engagement in your industry. This can help you adjust your campaign with focus on what customers actually want. Buzzsumo can help you analyse blog posts and or even a complete blog to know which content are being shared the most and on which social platforms.

When you understand the types of content your competitors are creating as part of their content marketing strategy, you will be better able to identify opportunities to meet unmet needs. You can also determine new topic areas to focus on, and generate a lot more ideas for your unique marketing story.

Data-driven marketing enables you to make a significant change for the better in your marketing efforts. You will be able to draw in more traffic, drive engagements, and increase or boost conversions. You can identify better ways of reaching your audience if you pay attention to how they engage with your present campaigns.

Data and consumer insights have proven very useful for some of the most successful marketing companies. If you are able to figure out the most valuable data your business can use to your advantage, it can significantly improve business growth.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    Social media data is a super (and free) way to measure customers/potential customers responses.

    Whatever content is shared (retweeted) the most is a cue to what the audience wants. I always produce more on that particular subject.

    Plus a good, interactive social media following helps improve Google ranking


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