Do you think you are paying too much for your broadband and home phone? Guys what, you are not alone. Most people are probably paying too much without knowing it. Others know that already but they just can’t find a better alternative without all the trouble it takes to switch. Some cable companies could make your life a living hell if you decide to switch. But the obvious truth is that there is always a better option. Even with the same cable company, you can still save on your broadband and home phone bills if you look into your current package and do away with all the extras you don’t really need.

Your existing provider should always be your first point of call. Look into what they provide now and find out what you can change as soon as possible. Check out their website and look for offers that can significantly reduce your monthly cost. Chances are you have been paying too much for too long. Take a closer look at what you are paying and what you are using. It’s time to review your package. You may not even be using all the other extras that come with your package.

What do you need most? Do you make a lot of calls on your home phone? Are you a heavy internet user? Do you prefer a lot more TV channels? You can reduce your costs if you know what you can’t live without and others you can let go.

1. You don’t have to be paying so much for your landline phone. You can pay as little as possible for your landline if you barely use it for calls. Most people now use their smartphones for almost all their calls. If you fall in this category, you should compare phone contracts for a better deal to save money whilst you limit the use of your home phone. If you only receive incoming calls then opt for a landline-only deal.

If you are pretty much out for work most of the time, there no point hanging on to ‘any time’ call package. A weekend and an evening package is exactly what you need. You should even consider VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for your calls. VOIP apps like Skype and Viber are great for saving money on calls. They are good alternatives for making calls. Download them for your smartphone and you can make most of your calls for free.

2. You are probably paying a lot for broadband you don’t use. Unless you are most of the time downloading movies, streaming content or use your computer for heavy internet usage,  you may find that your unlimited broadband package would go unused.Do yourself a favour and check your current broadband usage over the course of a month (you can find that on your package account which can easily be accessed on your broadband provider’s website or you can simply call them and find out). You will be shocked at you will find. Downgrade if you if you’re paying for broadband you’re not using. You can save lot if you switch to exactly what you need.

3. Make that call today and ask for a downgrade. Once you know the options you don’t need, you can call your cable provider and start talking about your desire to make a change. No company wants to lose customers. They will probably ask you why you want to leave if you threaten to switch. Ask them to give you a break down of your existing package. You may already know what you don’t want or want to do before you give them that call. Make your wishes known clearly and stand firm by that.

If you want to switch, the customer rep will likely give you alternatives. He or she will even read over some great offers they currently have to convince you to stay with them. Remember, you aim here is to cut down you cost, so if you get an opportunity  that can save you money, take it. Don’t try to switch just yet. There are too many things you will have to deal with when moving to another service provider.