In his 1959 novel Sirens of Titan, Kurt Vonnegut writes about a cloud “that does all the heavy thinking for everybody.”  While what IT professionals refer to as “the cloud” may not do the heavy thinking for everyone, it does account for an incredible amount of business operations today. There are good reasons why so many companies rely on cloud computing. The data centers that make cloud computing possible are providing companies with several benefits.

1. Agility: Using the cloud for business operations allows companies to experience excellent business continuity, continuing to function seamlessly even if there is a sudden demand or disruption in service. The cloud’s elasticity provides back up as needed.

2. Multitenancy: Large data centers create an environment for multitenancy, or several clients sharing the same resources. All customers using a data center share in the costs of real estate, electricity, and maintenance. This pools resources and lowers overall costs for businesses. Companies do not need to maintain their own on-site facilities and personnel large enough for every possible performance scenario, instead relying on the data center’s resources.

3. Scalability: Businesses using the cloud do not need to make major preparations for expansions since the cloud provides excellent scalability. This is also an advantage if a company suddenly needs to cut back operations and the costs associated with hosting.

The cloud does not think for everyone, but the benefits of cloud computing mean data centers are growing to keep up with demand. Global data center traffic is reaching unfathomable levels along with the resources that go into global networking.

The infographic below highlights some of the numbers behind the resources that keep people and businesses connected.


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