Technology has significantly improved how teachers and students teach and learn respectively. Technologies provide rich and flexible media for better access to educational materials. The influence of technology on education can only get better. Almost everyone in college owns an internet-connected device.  These devices are revolutionizing the way students study and interact with each other. Students now have greater access to course materials than ever before.

Lecture materials, course documents and syllabi are easily accessible for downloaded. Students are increasingly communicating with professors.  Technology in schools has evolved from just a computer class into a robust learning experience that could change how teachers assign projects and assess progress in schools. Students are consistently using newest apps, social sites and study tools online to further their education goals.

Despite the opportunities that technology brings to education, adoption of technology by schools is evolving.  Some schools are still asking if they should incorporate more technology and others are still asking how technology can enhance education. Those who have found the need for it are still figuring out the best way to successfully introduce technology into higher learning to get the best out it for both lecturers and students.


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