Are you not very happy with the look and feel of your website or blog? Let me tell you, if you’re not happy with the look and feel of your own website, certainly the users aren’t having it either.

When you aren’t in love with your online space, you won’t want to spend time hanging out there anymore, and your users will find a new more lively hang-out on the web. If you’re uninterested in hanging out on your site it will soon grow outdated and stagnant. This definitely doesn’t accurately represent you or what your business stands for. When you’re not proud and excited of what’s going on your site it’s only a downward spiral from there.

Having a website that lacks life and feels worn out will drag you and your business down with it. Sprucing up your website and putting that life and pizzaz back into it can be your wake up call to putting you back on the right track toward success. If you love your online site you’ll want to share it with everyone, and spend more time hanging out there (and if you’re hanging there everyone’s going to want to come hang with you right?)

So what unique things can you do to add that life back to your website.


For starters, lets begin with the getting rid of all that clutter. An overwhelming entrance into your website will give your users one impression, and that is a headache. The good news is, it doesn’t take a long time to clean up your site and tidy things up. If you have offers on your website that are outdated, delete them. Simplify your navigation, lose some of the junk on your sidebar that’s no longer relevant. Remember, simple is better, it’s easier to digest and it will allow your site to load faster as well. If you have a simple and clean space to work with you have a lot more room and positive energy to make new things happen on your website.

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How about a meme!

Create and share a meme that is relative to your start-up or business. Your readers will get a huge kick out of it if it relates to them as well, and if they begin to share it, it may also go viral and get you some nice backlinks as well. I really like the one’s that show ‘what my friends think I do’ these are great for getting the consumers to relate to you and feel like you share similar experiences. Experiment with different memes, and see what works best for you.

Use tools to find epic content to share.

Use a tool to cut down on time searching for unique and interesting content to share. is a free tool that allows you to open your own topic page with preemptive keywords so you’ll only be shown filtered content that’s of relevance to you and your site. They’ve gone through and filtered out all of the boring and irrelevant articles for you, and you can upload the content straight onto your site.

Implement great and simple design that sticks.

Be innovative. If you want people to stay and hang out on your site, provide them with the opportunity to do so. Spot.IM is a tool that can make any webpage into its own social network. Once people are attracted to your site they’ll want to stay and hang out with other members of your online community. The tool is easy to download and use and it’s compatible with all major websites. You can start a real community on your website of people who are interested in conversing about your product, and common interests.

So how do you plan on adding life to your website? It’s an easy thing to do that sometimes gets lost in the many other tasks we try to accomplish everyday. You’ll be amazed what a difference it can make for your own well-being and for the customers visiting your site!

Robert Nachum is a growth and marketing manager at Ranky. He is an internet freak, managing Robertsuggestions – a special music blog.

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