The rise in popularity of visual social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SlideShare and Vine have ushered in an era welcoming visual storytelling. Visual content has gone mainstream. Images are the new call to action (CTA). If you are still not sure how to get started, these are a few ideas for getting right into visual marketing.

1. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, offering a powerful advantage to companies that can curate social media-friendly visuals.

2. When embedding @YouTube videos into your blog, make sure they’re optimized for #mobile

3. From images, to videos, infographics and presentations, the magic is truly in the mix with more visual mediums than ever before to bring your story to life.

4. 75% of people pin on Pinterest via smartphones so make sure your font isn’t too small.

5. A huge pitfall to avoid in your visual marketing is to present images that are disingenuous to your brand’s promise.

6. Not doing your research. Make sure the image makes sense to your audience & the sizing is right. Don’t make silly mistakes.

7. Put yourself as the person viewing the ad for the first time. How would you react?

8. Contests help businesses reach out to their users in a creative way, while at the same time making it possible to gather a large crowdsourced photo library of images related to your products.

9. The demand for real-time, adaptable content will require marketers to create more of their own visuals.

10. Don’t post an image just because you can. Ugly images are maybe worse than no images.

visual marketing tips

11. It should reflect your mission, product and image. If it doesn’t relate to your brand or content, don’t use it.

12. Images should be brand consistent, evocative and memorable.

13. Timely and hilarious, the visuals tied back to the company’s overall mission of making it easy for its customers to be good to themselves.

14. Companies are finding that they can generate more followers and leads by posting a high percentage of photos on social sites.

15. Pinterest is still super-hot and not showing any signs of slowing down. One way to keep things fresh is to sponsor a contest where customers can submit their own pins.

16. Users respond well when you show how to carry out a task that may otherwise seem complex to them, even with simple screenshots.

17. Visual marketing performs better when the content has a human element.

18. Digital consumers prefer to be visually stimulated. It’s why YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world!

19. visuals like video and pictures can draw someone who would not take a look at your content at first

20. Why not share your ideas with your customers on Pinterest with your own dream boards. Instead of image after image of your products, show them in use.

Pinterest engagement

21. Some of the brands with largest followings on Facebook have posted an impressive number of timeline photos; for example, Coca Cola over 6,000 photos, Oreo over 2,000 and Red Bull over 5,000.

22. As more of our media time moves to mobile, our appetite for visual content grows.

23. Brain processes visuals much more quickly than the written word–visuals make an instant impression.

24. Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly

25. Visuals are easy for people to digest while scanning their news feeds.

26. Adding text to a photo can help you get your message across faster. And these messages are more likely to be shared by others on social media.

27. One fun way to get users to submit photos is to make it part of a contest that you’re sponsoring.

28. A visual can add meaning that words cannot, or, when combined with words, add an extra layer of meaning.

29. If you’re a brand, you want consistent images with your logo and URL so people can find you.


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