Your small business may not be able to offer the same benefits and perks provided by giant companies but you can offer something else that can equally help you retain your employees and improve their satisfaction. Most growing businesses have the flexibility to adapt to the demands of the industry and employees.

There is still so much you can do or consider doing for your employees to make it easier for them to stay loyal and happy. You run the risk of losing your employees if they are not satisfied with the way you treat them. If you expect stunning results now and in the future, you should be doing everything you can to keep them happy.

These are a few things you should consider doing for your most valued assets as a company if you expect the best results.

1. Don’t just hire the right candidates. Hire for attitude, train for skill.

You can’t build a great company without smart people who know how to deliver with little or no supervision. Satisfaction begins right from the day you start recruiting. When people are hired based on who they are as much as what they know at any point in time, they can be a better fit for your company culture.

They will subsequently enjoy what they do and get along with others. If your employees are happy with who they work with, they are more likely to look forward to coming back to the office to work with colleagues and deliver their best each day. Employees who understand one another and get along deliver better than those who just concentrate on their work and themselves.

2. Motivation is not enough, keep your employees satisfied!

Many small business owners mistakenly believe they cannot afford to offer benefits. Bonuses, vacation days, workplace pension scheme or retirement plans, medical insurance, office parties etc are perks that solve some of the motivation issues in every business. And it works for most successful businesses.

In addition to perks, focus on the bigger picture if you want to get the most from your employees. In every company, there are generally two issues going on with employees at any given time: things that demotivate them and other things that motivate them. Don’t focus on solving issues that demotivate people. Take care of the motivating factors as well.

You may be offering bonuses but if your supervisors or department heads are not treating people right or micromanaging employees, they will still not be satisfied working for your business. You don’t want that. Take care of both sides of the bigger picture to ensure total satisfaction at the workplace.

3. How much control do you give your employees?

Do your employees have some kind of control over their work life? Your leaders should not hold on to all the powers of the day-to-day running of your business.  Give employees more control over their schedules, environment, and/or work habits. You will be surprised at how much they will improve on their present output.

Most employees have demanding schedules outside of work, and they will appreciate a boss who considers work-life balance. If possible make room for flextime or telecommuting. If employees don’t necessarily have to be in the office to deliver on their responsibilities, give them opportunities to work from outside the office when the need arises.

Customised schedules are a great way to improve employee satisfaction. Some employees would also love to customise their workstations. A little décor and/or equipment to make them feel comfortable can make people happy about where they spend most part of their day.

When people are stuck in bland office cubicles, it can affect their general output and ultimately their performance. Show your employees that you trust in their time management skills to promote better workplace happiness and improved productivity and they will return the gesture with amazing outputs.

4. Offer ample opportunities For growth.

Everyone likes to improve on his or her skills or career. Regardless of what people do, they want to see improvement in how they work and the development of their careers. To truly take care of your employees, give them opportunities to grow in their various roles. Enrol your staff in appropriate training programs that will enhance their business processes and make them work better and faster.

Your workforce will grow and thrive over time as a team if you are concerned about their growth and take the necessary steps to make sure they indeed get the required training. Employees will always perform at their best when the environment is conducive to growth. Growth opportunities take many forms, yet all can be of value to employees. The potential for growth is a huge motivational difference maker. Focus on what works best for your employees.