If you think 3D printers can’t help you realize your next project, think again. Today, printing technology is so eclectic and advanced that you’ll find more than a hundred different flavors to choose from, with their own materials, sizes, speeds, and functionality. For example: if you’re a doctor saving lives in remote regions of the world, there are new printers that allow you to build custom prosthetics or grow skin for grafting procedures, and they’re portable enough to take almost anywhere on Earth.

You’ll find printers that use sugar as a filament to build geometric candy sculptures, others that harness recycled materials to reduce plastic waste, and ones that meld metal to create lasting structures. Soon enough, these printers will be able to work with almost any material imaginable, and the technology could become affordable and powerful enough to replace traditional manufacturing methods.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, take a look at the multitude of 3D printing materials available right now in this infographic.


World of 3D Printing provided by Cubify