It would be fair to say that office jobs have advantages and drawbacks. On the plus side, it’s a chance to escape from the cold and sit in a so-called comfy environment. As a negative, staring at a computer screen for hours upon end can be one of the most excruciating things known to man by a Friday afternoon.

We’re never going to be able to alleviate all of the drawbacks associated with typical office jobs, but there are ways to at least improve the environment for those of us who work in them. As the title suggests, we’re going to specifically concentrate on window treatments and show how these can actually make a significant difference to day-to-day life.

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We’ll start with one of the biggest pet hates of office life; the glare from windows. While we may have all learned to appreciate natural light over the years, a bi-product of this is this very same light hitting our computer screens. It means, even with important deadlines looming, that the simplest tasks are impossible to achieve.

Fortunately, blinds have allowed us to rectify the above. You may have once had to rely on some form of blackout blinds to eliminate glare, but at the same time this meant that there was no natural light whatsoever entering the building. Now, we’ve been blessed with a much more appropriate solution, with solar shades allowing natural light to flow through the material but block out those powerful, work-defying rays at the same time. It means that the days of screen glare blighting our work are long gone.

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Solar blinds can actually resolve another issue, this time surrounding the temperatures that can heat up offices to the unbearable during the summer months. Unsurprisingly, with direct sunlight shining straight through windows, it means that we’re all sat at our computers ready to get baked. Again, solar blinds come to the rescue and are able to block out this heat by around 70%, while even if your company’s budget is a little lower a basic option such as a Venetian blind can at least control the situation and stop the heat getting out of hand.

For those offices based in the city centers, or anywhere alongside a public footpath, privacy can also be a concern. Some companies just don’t appreciate prying eyes and with most of the options that have been discussed, this again cannot be stopped. However, if privacy is one of your priorities, something like a top-down bottom-up shade could be the ideal solution.

This is able to be operated from both the base of the window and the header, allowing you to control exactly which portions of the glazing are covered. It means that you can block out anything that’s below eye line, and keep your company’s business completely private.

Already, we’ve seen just the power that window treatments hold within this environment. They’re not only able to help employees by providing that elusive natural light and reduced strain on the eyes, but some companies are happy to invest simply because they can improve the security of their building by blocking visibility to their prized possessions.