Anything that is measured can improve. How do you know if your online marketing campaigns are effective? What do you do to get the best results for your public relations efforts. Most businesses have limited resources to push their messages to the right audience.

With limited resources, your best bet is a keen eye on your campaigns to know what works and can be improved for maximum impact. Measurement is an important keyword in every business that wants to improve. If you expect the very best return on your investment, your business should invest in resources and tools that make it easy to measure progress.

As consumer behaviour changes with time, your outreach strategies should be geared towards attracting the right audience, on the right platforms at the right time. In the process of attracting the right audience, measuring engagement of your online content  make a lot of difference.

Accurate measurement offers better understanding of online PR campaigns, makes it possible to compare the effectiveness of your multiple campaigns and allows your PR team to communicate tangible contributions of your business campaigns.

The infographic below explores the standard metrics for measuring online PR campaigns among other things.