Companies out there that are looking to put their best professional face forward have a few different options. It can be challenging to present a professional face when a company has to handle customer inquiries from many different mediums.

If a business wants to solicit contact from customers through phone calls, then it is imperative that those businesses have a phone number that represents their brand well. In addition, certain phone services, such as call forwarding and professional greetings, can transform a business’s image in the eyes of customers.

People want the best customer service from companies. Business has always been personal. It’s about serving real people out there. Make that conscious effort to take good care of your customers and they will come back to do business with you over and over again. Excellent customer service means acknowledging a customer’s question, complain or concern in a timely manner. Companies that create a seamless customer service experience have the best chance to win and retain customers.

The good news for customers today is that some companies are now investing time and resources to take care of customers and make them feel happy. In Australia, companies like Zintel provide 1300 numbers for businesses to help them provide better customer service. The upside to 1300 number is that they count as local calls from customers. If you cater to consumers different geographic regions, a 1300 number will allow everyone to contact you regardless of how near or far they are from you.

This means that local customers will not have to pay extra to call the business. Beyond that, these numbers can be customized in some instances to provide the business with a phone number that reflects its brand or products. Smart and creative business owners today are taking full advantage of every opportunity that makes it easy to get closer to their customers.

As your business grows it gets difficult to connect with most of your customers but for customers that is not an excuse when they are paying you for a product or service. Customers expect a lot more because they have options. They can easily move to your competitor next door. You don’t want that. Invest in customer retention resources to keep your customers coming back. You have a big opportunity to  impress your client base. Make it count.

Most good companies offer more than just a phone number, though. 1300 number service offers one of the many ways to respond to their customers faster. With call forwarding, a business can have its calls forwarded to a mobile phone number of some executive. It can direct phone calls to voicemail, where customers can leave a message.

Beyond that, business owners can even set up features where its executives can check on the company voicemail through their email systems. With these kinds of features, business owners and their prized executives are never too far out of reach. This type of functionality is allowing more businesses to reach customers quickly and efficiently.

In a business world where things are becoming more competitive, an increasing number of businesses have decided that perhaps the best way to stand out is to be more professional than the other business down the street. While there are many ways to do this, 1300 numbers are worth looking your investment. They make a tremendous amount of sense for companies that are seeking phone calls from customers, and they can be set up even by those business owners that do not consider themselves to be technology savvy in today’s business climate.

Wherever your business is located, look into services or tools that can make it easy to stay in touch with your customers at all times. Don’t put your customers on hold. Nobody likes that. Don’t just invest in resources that will attract new customers but focus on other tools that make it easy to respond to customers in no time. Don’t hide your contact details on your business site as you get bigger. If your business has social profiles, start responding…fast. No comment is not an option if you intend to run a good and successful business.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    Great post and a few points in here that so many business forget! Why!

    Don’t they realise without fully supporting the customers need they will quickly become an ex-customer – Competition is everywhere!


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