Most entrepreneurs have some kind of cool idea they want to explore, develop or build into that great company. Others have tried and succeeded. You can do it too. If you are still struggling to find the best idea to start your new business, you should start looking for the best clue possible to land on that amazing idea that could possibly be your big breakthrough.

If you happen to fall in this category, keep your hopes alive and most importantly begin to look for the right clues. There are millions of potential entrepreneurs out there who keep promising themselves they are going to create the next big thing but never get to start anything because they seem not to find exactly what want to do.

So, what do you do to find an amazing idea?

If you are serious about your idea or better still, an opportunity you have spotted, start working on it today. The entrepreneur’s job is, to identify and pursue opportunities. Once you continue to pursue opportunities, you become very good at noticing and evaluating opportunities to know which ones to pursue.

To see the future with great opportunities, you must not fear experimentation or failure in this process. Some of the most successful people you know have spotted the best of them via experimentation. Twitter was an in-house experiment and today millions around the world share updates about their lives and industries with their fans with it.

The best trick is knowing where to look.

You start by looking for opportunities by opening your mind to ideas from all sectors or industries. if you concentrate on just one industry, you will be limiting the kinds of ideas you could come up with. Don’t begin with a hammer, otherwise everything will look like a nail to you. This could be hard for a lot of professionals who know so much about just one industry.

It’s different if you are trying to visit the moon. Obviously you want the best way to get to one spot in the universe. Your options will be pretty much limited for the right reasons. If you are trying to solve humans problems on earth, there are a lot more things you will be considering.

Opportunities always exist but you have to be able to spot it, make the most of it, dig deeper into its prospects and run with it. Opportunities do not have to be new businesses, it can be an improvement on an existing business, it could also be a problem your competitor faces or a customer complaint.

It’s your singular duty to spot it when it arises and make the most of it there and then. If you cannot do it alone, get others involved and start immediately. For all you know, somebody out there has spotted the same opportunity. Make it a constant habit to pick out some of those things and figure out how to create a business out of it.

Get out there and meet the industry professionals, ask the right questions, meet like-minded business men and women who can help you push it further. If you spot an industry influencer, do not hesitate to find an opportunity to briefly pitch the opportunity you have identified to him and ask for his or her opinion. You should also read as much as possible about the industry, the competitors, the market size, trends of the industry and the best way to approach the market with your business.

Look around you and find that “big problem” around you. Try to find a way to get others involved and bounce ideas on each other to refine and make it better. Solving a bigger problem typically would mean seizing a bigger opportunity. Keep your eyes open everywhere you go – at events, shops and especially applications you use and websites you visit – a new business opportunity could be staring you in the face.

Your next steps

If you find an opportunity that seems to be a good fit for you and you are thinking about pursuing it, give yourself a chance of succeeding by doing your homework. Find out what works in that industry. Who is doing the same or almost the same thing. Are they succeeding or failing.

What are customer complains about it. And how can you improve on what’s already out there. Getting involved in a bad business opportunity can be incredibly costly and discouraging for you. Start it right, even if you fail, you could have given it your best shot. And you will be proud you did.


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