Recycling provides people a dynamic way to positively improve the world that they live in. On a daily basis mankind uses materials that will not break down on their own in landfills. However, this does not mean that the only hope for these materials is for them to accumulate in landfills. To the contrary, people have been able to do some extremely positive things with recycled materials.

Businesses across the world have taken the lead in the field of recycling. In just the few weeks after recycling programs are initiated, many companies see immediate cost-effective benefits. Research shows that the quickest way for businesses to manage their recycle waste is to divide it into different categories and then compact it at the source. This approach creates less bins, has less of an impact on resources, and produces a cleaner, tidier, and safer workplaces.

Proper waste management and well-managed recycling initiatives are in a business’s financial best interest. A good waste management program will drastically minimize the cost of landfill fees. In some instances where the recyclable material can be resold, recycling can also produce a steady revenue stream for a business. Partner with the right recycling company that can effectively manage your office waste with a wide range of recycling waste balers & compactors for business. That can save you time, space and money!

In addition to the cost-saving benefits of recycling, there is also the feel-good effect that recycling has on people. People feel good knowing that their actions every day are playing a role in making the world they live in a better place.

Encouraging recycling at the office

It takes more than policy change on paper to get everyone at the office involved in recycling office waste. Greater percentage of global office waste is recyclable, but  not many businesses makes the effort to get their waste to a recycling facility. One of the biggest contributors to office waste is paper. By recycling instead of disposing, offices can save on waste charges and cut their annual paper bills.

A a successful recycling initiative in any company needs to come from the top down in order to motivate employees to fully participate and make a conscious effort to separate paper waste from the rest. People are more likely to respond strongly when it’s coming from the CEO and he or she takes an initiative to show that management is commitment to the program.

Tips for recycling

Most waste at the office can be recycled. With only a few exceptions, plastic bags, paper, and printer cartridges are all widely recycled. To make recycling in the office easy, ensure each bin is clearly identified with bright colour coding. That is a first step. Getting employees to actually use them could be the problem.

Be strategic about your placement of recycling bins. They need to go in places where the most trash is generated, like copy rooms, near printers, break rooms, and in cafeterias. Make it as simple as possible for employees to recycle: Each employee could have a recycling bin at their desk.

Recycling initiatives at the office are only a smaller part of a broader workplace program to encourage sustainable business practices.  In the end, your company can save on cost of operation.