We live in a global world where the pressure to achieve academic and career success have become enormous. Education in any field of endeavour equip people with the right knowledge, skills and core transferable competences to succeed in life and business. Education is a pivotal part of human development, and can positively influence standards of living, health and governance.

Career and education have direct relationship with each other. Without quality education, your chances of getting a good job is slim. Unless of course you have gotten to point where you think higher education is not really important to you.

Some business founders would rather start a business than spend years in school trying to get a certificate. Higher education pays in one way or the other. Economic crisis makes it even more difficult to secure a better job without a good higher education.

Here is why quality education matters

Higher value of education traditionally concentrated on the contribution of formal school to inflated earning capacity in the labor market. Check out resources on education and careers here: http://qualityeducationandjobs.com/

1. Education can have a profound impact on an individual‘s health, productivity and earnings. What you know determines your quality of life. People with the highest skills in any industry are most needed to solve problems, lead projects and businesses. Education can thus be a great enabler; reducing societal inequalities and enabling larger numbers of a population to share in the growth process.

2. A new and advanced world requires creative and critical thinking in order to solve complex problems, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and learn how to learn. These are important skills for survival in the 21st century. The right education can get you the skills you need to make it in life or career.

An online healthcare administration degree, for example, builds on solid principles of business management, resource allocation, policy-making and law to provide the practical skills needed to develop and manage health care institutions.

3. A more educated society is more economically competitive. An educated and skilled workforce is a pillar of the knowledge-based economy. A simple example is the difference between highly advanced countries and developing countries. There are more highly skilled labour in developed countries. And they are using some of the most advanced ways to develop their countries at a faster rate.

4. Highly educated population have increased well being and quality of life. These may be involved in interesting and challenging tasks, work under conducive environments and probably have high social prestige.

5. Education comes with increased self-esteem and self-confidence. With a higher degree, you are most likely to know yourself better, know what you want out of life and have confidence in your pursuit in life.

Quality education through Online Learning

Time and money are two of the most essential things to get good education. It is not surprising that there are now high number of people who want to obtain quality education online. I strongly The future of higher education lies with online learning.

1. Online education is flexible and inexpensive. With an online course, you can learn almost anything at the comfort of your home. You can learn at your own pace and availability without the added cost of travel. It makes good financial sense.

2. Readily available materials makes it even more easy to register for online courses. Hundreds of thousands of on courses have downloadable materials that can easily be accessed anywhere.

3. Online learning has the potential to revolutionize higher education. Students will be able to learn at their own pace. Online learning not only trains the workers of the future, it can also provide a career path for someone employed, who needs to learn new skills.

Definitely, online education and its quality has paved the way for more possibilities and career advancements. You can easily enroll online and increase your capability and skills with little or no money. We are still in the early days of online learning. The possibilities are endless.