With its ability to get dream businesses up and going, the venture capital industry is one of the most important funding sources for small businesses in the world. As you might guess with an Internet that is adapting to speed-of-light changes, and news coming in round the clock, venture capital has entered a new age in the last five years—and 2015 is already showing some remarkable new trends for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Here are just a few major changes and trends that VC fans should know about:

Apps Are a Great Entry Point into Entrepreneurship

For many people, a smartphone or tablet has become a necessity, and with millions of people using digital devices like these every day, entrepreneurs can get in on the ground floor of venture capital by proving they can bring an app idea to fruition. Developing an app is an inexpensive way to test out great ideas, and the profits for developers and interest from VC investors can be huge.

All the more reason to get out there and start in the industry with a DIY project of one’s own. Depending on what type of app you are trying to develop, the costs can be as low as a few thousand dollars. Despite the cost, this kind of development is priceless when it comes to impressing investors—which is partly why mobile apps will be such an undeniable trend in venture capital in 2015.

Crowdsourcing is changing the Venture Capital Landscape

While crowdsourcing has been making a mark for a few years now, 2015 looks to be a breakout period for this relatively new trend in funding. What crowdsourcing primarily offers entrepreneurs is a worldwide network of potential investors alongside friends and family.

Essentially, this process democratizes business funding while providing great opportunities to new businesses. While crowdfunding and crowdsourcing continues to provide entrepreneurs with chances for collaboration and fundraising, keep in mind that due to the popularity of these trends, competition is fierce. It takes a lot of work and creativity to stand out of the crowd and grab investors’ attention.

Credibility is King

At a time when much new business is tied to the Internet, many investors want to know why a company will withstand the kind of pressure that was shown in the dot-com bubble and the so-called Great Recession. In 2015, entrepreneurs need to show why their company will be ready when economic storms hit, and why their investors will come out strong on the other side.

When it comes to attracting investors, you want to show credibility and legitimacy when it comes to finances, the business plan, customer satisfaction, and other major areas of the business. Investors want to see a well-rounded company—not just a startup that is really good at one thing, or really credible in one area.

Have Your Communication Ducks in a Row

With the Internet allowing entrepreneurs to get the word out about their product faster than ever, new businesses should have an eye towards their company’s message. For example, nothing kills communication between a company and a potential client faster than trite phrases or empty promises. For these reasons, entrepreneurs and marketers must create a message that shouts louder than the rest, and get the customer hooked.

Before you reach out for VC funding, be sure that you have a clear concise message that represents the company well. Then, as you interact with investors and customers, ensure that every aspect of the company reflects your message. Having a strong message that resonates with customers is one of the best ways to build a solid brand—which is something that many investors are looking for in a company.

So far, 2015 looks to be a banner year for the venture capital industry. By utilizing new technology, startups can be sure that their message gets to the right people. By enjoying the process and getting creative, many new entrepreneurs might just find their passion this year.

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