Maybe you have just taken the exciting step of starting up a new business. Maybe you’ve been in business for some time, but you haven’t yet perfected a logo that sums up the philosophy behind your services. One way or another, the image that represents you, your business, and your brand is often the first impression that customers will have of you and can mean the difference between a thriving business and one that simply can’t attract new clients.

The right combination of color, shape, and design can have a powerful impact on existing and potential clients. Logos can motivate individuals to get involved with your product and to recognize the value of your services. In fact, a well-thought-out logo is often the key to attracting and even retaining loyal customers. An attractive and meaningful symbol will strengthen the appeal of your image, impress your clients with a promise of good quality and professionalism, and cement your value in the minds of current customers.

Use the tips and advice in this infographic by Company Folders on how to design the perfect business logo. Compare your developing ideas against the suggestions in the visual and make improvements in your design. As you come to realize the importance of a clever, meaningful logo, you’ll find that the time and effort you put into its design will be an investment with the potential for truly great returns.

perfect-logo-design-infographic Learn how to create the perfect logo design

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