It would be fair to say that home offices are suddenly much more prominent than they once were. Once upon a time, they were reserved for those entrepreneurs who had made it into the big time and could subsequently work from the comfort of their own home. Now, a lot of businesses permit their employees to work from home, while even the internet has opened more opportunities for people to work for themselves.

A lot of people who haven’t quite made the step immediately think of all of the positives. The added freedom, the ability to roll straight out of bed and into the office chair amongst a whole host of other benefits are usually touched upon. However, it should be pointed out that this is by no means the perfect environment that everyone says it is. On this occasion we’re not talking about the kids spilling paint over your paperwork either – we’re on the topic of some more practical issues such as your window blinds.

On first look, the blinds might be the least of your worries. As we delve into this topic further though, you’ll soon see that they can open the window (pardon the pun) to a much better working environment.

For example, let’s start with security. This is something that most people will immediately forget as they take the plunge and end up in the comfort of their own office. However, if your home office is based on the bottom floor, you’ve immediately opened up a whole can of security problems. This is a room packed full of your business’ valuables – ranging from your computer system right the way to important paperwork. It means you can’t just allow people, or potential intruders, to peer through the glazing at any opportunity.

Instead, something needs to give. You’ll still need that natural light (more on this later), but you also need to stop all of your prized possessions being on view. Fortunately, recent advancements in the industry allow you to achieve this. Something like the top-down bottom-up shade addresses such security concerns – allowing you to cover the lower portion of the window whilst allowing all of the light through the upper segment.

Next, we’ll move onto natural light in more detail and address another issue at the same time. Anyone who has attempted to watch television in the middle of a sunny day will tell you all about the difficulties, and the same screen glare issues occur with computer monitors.

The problem is; we all want natural light – we don’t want our eyes to rely on synthetic light which just make our eyes squint. This is where the solar shade steps in, with this allowing you to block out the eye-squinting light, but still allow enough in so you don’t have to turn to your light switch.

Then, we could progress onto temperature control and how modern solutions also allow you to regulate your office’s climate by blocking out the hot rays, or keeping in the warm air depending on the time of year. It’s another example of the office blind boasting immense power and allowing you to get to work at home in a completely efficient environment.

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