Everyone wants to work under a dream boss. But what does a dream boss look like? It’s not an easy question to answer. But one thing’s for certain, nobody wants to be made to feel inferior or worthless by their boss.

Too many bosses put their ego and authority before their employees and, therefore, before their business. Being a good boss isn’t about being liked by everyone, it’s about getting the best results for everyone and the business. So, if you’re starting a new business and want to know how to be a great boss, read on.

Hold the team together

Every successful business has a workforce who work collaboratively to achieve common goals. And, more often than not, the team is held together by the boss. You should work hard to make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

This means you’ll have to be aware of the office dynamics. If any problems arise between employees, get on top of it straight away and make sure rifts are healed quickly. If you don’t do this, no one else will. Encourage team-building exercises too, they’re a great way of forming a cohesive team.

Be open and willing to listen

One of the worst qualities a boss can possess is arrogance. Your employees should all feel like it’s a team effort, not a one man band. Encourage your staff to chip in with ideas when they have any and be open to suggestions for improvement from them.

Offer benefits to staff

Make sure your employees know that they’re valued by you. If your staff feel like you rely on them, they’ll be more likely to give their all for the business.

There are many benefits you can provide your staff with. Set goals for them and then when they hit them (or exceed them), reward their hard work. Health insurance providers like Health Assured can cover your whole workforce and show them that you value them.

Be inspirational

Some days in the office can be a bit slow and demoralising. It’s times like these when your employees need a bit of inspiration. This is where you come in. You should act as a motivator and pick up everyone’s spirits. This doesn’t mean cracking the whip though. Find innovative ways to keep people working hard without coming across as boring or too authoritative.

A good boss can find reasons for employees to work harder and pick up the pace. If you can perfect this skill, your business will grow bigger and faster.

Don’t be restrictive

Employees work harder when they’re given the freedom to express themselves and take risks. Too many bosses think that they need to micromanage every office situation. But that doesn’t make you a good boss. In fact, it makes you a pretty bad one.

Give your staff responsibilities, and they will repay you tenfold. Let them make a few mistakes, and they’ll be better for it! They’ll become much more invested in the company if they feel a sense of responsibility, and this can only be a good thing.