Cyber attacks have always been a problem for big companies. And it will continue to be a big problem they have to deal with almost every year. Credit card details and other personal information will remain a major target for most attackers. Large corporations and even governments of most countries are doing everything they can to avoid any intrusion, but we still witness cyber attacks in various forms every year. Vulnerabilities in systems makes it possible to hack, monitor and change data. An ever-present, ever-evolving threat from hackers and cybercriminals means that companies should be doing a lot more to prevent system intrusions to protect their customers’ private data.

To understand what chaos and destruction was caused by cyber attacks in the past, CorpInfo has compiled a few of the worst attacks in the history of mankind.

CorpInfo’s “Blackhats and Cyber Attacks” infographic below depicts some of the most notorious cyber attacks in US history!