Many people use storage containers, and it is not uncommon for these to be abandoned. This is why programs such as Storage Wars and Storage Hunters, whereby people big on storage containers, are so popular. However, even portable storage containers are sometimes abandoned. But what are some of the strangest things ever found in an abandoned container?

An Underwater Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elise is one of the world’s most coveted cars. Someone once purchased a portable storage container that had been abandoned blind (without knowing what was in it) and found a lump covered with blankets. As he slowly pulled the blanket away, a Lotus Elise was revealed. However, this was a supercar with a difference. It did not have wheels, but it did have two fins. It turns out that it was the submarine car that was featured in The Spy Who Loved Me, a 1977 James Bond movie. The car was valued at around $1.25 million.

A first edition comic book from 1938

This may not sound particularly unusual, but this particular comic book was special. It was a first edition Action Comics from 1938 and it featured Superman on its cover. What made it really unusual, however, was that it was stolen from a private collection belonging to Nicholas Cage. The comic book was returned to him and he auctioned it for over $2 million. However, this was not enough money to settle his own debts, as Cage was bankrupt at that time.

A human Leg 

In an abandoned storage container purchased at auction, Mr Shannon Whisnaut found a barbecue smoker. Deciding to keep it for himself, he took it home to grill some nice steak and burgers. However, inside the smoker was a packaged wrapped in tin foil and inside this particular package was a human leg. It turned out that the unit belonged to a Mr. Wood, who had half his leg amputated. He had retained the cut off leg because he wanted it to be buried within him when he died.

However, when he abandoned his storage unit, he forgot that the leg was still in there. Interestingly, Whisnaut tried to capitalize on the leg by offering a venture to Mr. Wood whereby people would pay to see the leg in the smoker. Mr. Wood declined and both men have enlisted the help of attorneys to determine who the leg belongs to now.

Burt Reynolds’ memorabilia

Burt Reynolds is known to be a collector of all things fun. What is little known, however, is that he stores his collections in storage units and that he has, on occasion, forgotten to pay for this. As a result, someone was once able to purchase a storage unit that actually belonged to Reynolds. It included personal documents relating to Reynolds’ medical history, movie memorabilia and more.

At the minute, some 50,000 storage units have been abandoned. It is believed that these contain upwards of $1 billion in content. Hence, more strange things are yet to be uncovered, no doubt.

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