Nowadays it seems as though work hours are getting longer with people putting in more and more time at the office. While getting overtime pay will certainly add dollars to your bank account, the not so healthy food options available in many office environments may also start adding inches to your waistline.

Good nutrition is vitally important for everyone, but especially for those with more sedentary professions where critical thinking skills are essential to daily job functions. Not only do healthy office snacks help you fight the ravages of hunger, they can increase your energy level, giving you that extra pep in your step to make your workday more productive.

Keep It complex

One of the best ways to fight fatigue and get sustained energy to ward off the mid-morning slump is to include complex carbohydrates in your diet. By doing so, you will reap all of the energy boosting benefits that people who consume caffeinated or sugary substances experience, but minus the feelings of fatigue and lethargy that accompany the subsequent blood sugar crash. There are many tasty complex carb options that supply the necessary fuel you need such as hummus with whole grain crackers, or steel cut oatmeal sweetened with a touch of honey.

Nothing wrong with getting a little nutty

When it comes to maintaining energy levels that last to help get you through a long and hectic day at the office, never underestimate the power of nuts. With their good mix of healthy fats and protein, these powerful snacks pack a nutrient dense punch of vitamin E, omega-3s, and selenium. Just make sure to exercise a little portion control as the caloric value of nuts is a smidge on the higher side. Additionally, peanut butter spread on a banana or apple slices provides a delicious long-lasting form of energy.

Set the bar high

Whole grain protein bars are not just one of the most portable snacks around, but they also supply a healthy dose of high fiber and protein with a low sugar content. These are superb for helping to get you to lunch time without resorting to the unhealthier versions of snacks you will most likely encounter in your office break room’s vending machine. You can easily keep a few protein bars in your desk drawer to reach for when hunger strikes.

Say yes to yo yo dieting

Yogurt has been proven to be one of the most healthful foods to consume for a variety of reasons. Not only is it great for breakfast, lunch, or for a snack in between, it is loaded with protein, calcium, vitamin B-12, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin, and potassium.

It is easy to digest and has just enough carbs to be a valuable source of slow-release energy, which is perfect for a busy working professional. For an extra boost of flavor and texture add a bit of granola to your plain nonfat yogurt for a hearty crunch as well as some much needed fiber.

Although many work environments expose their staff to a diet danger zone, that does not mean you have to succumb to it. With just a few tweaks and minor adjustments, you can fuel your body with healthy snacks to keep you focused, motivated, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

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