Are you thinking about getting your foot in the door or upgrading to a new position in the tech industry this year? It pays to brush up on the skills that employers are most looking for. The tech industry can be volatile, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and industry needs. Qualified IT professionals are in high demand in a number of sectors, particularly those who possess the following skills.

1. Big Data

As data demands expand on a daily basis with the ‘Internet of Things’, qualified professionals are needed to sift through all of the information to grab and analyse data of value to the employer. Job listings related to big data have grown over the past year, and are expected to keep growing in a variety of different industries. Data management includes the ability to develop and execute policies and procedures to help sort through all of the information out there.

2. Project Management

Project management in general is always a skill in hot demand, but it’s particularly important this year for IT professionals. Project managers oversee projects both large and small, whether it’s expanding a business’s digital marketing strategy or focusing on reworking a website. Project managers in this industry need to be able to mix technological and business skills. They must also have experience with leadership skills and switching between different methodologies as needed.

3. Cloud Computing

An increasing number of businesses are moving to cloud storage, and require qualified IT professionals who can help them with this transition. Cloud computing can slash costs, improve data security, and enable new forms of collaboration for businesses. If you have a firm understanding of cloud computing, you will be able to get in on the ground floor of this trend and help manage a business’s data and processes.

4. Mobile App Development

Nearly one fourth of respondents in a Computer World survey stated that they plan to hire mobile app developers in 2015. Mobile apps are an essential part of a marketing strategy for many businesses at the moment, which means that companies need to upskill their existing staff members and bring in outsiders to help create new programs. In addition to mobile app development, businesses need professionals who can help with the intersection of mobile and cloud computing. This allows apps to be used on multiple devices as a way to generate revenue.

5. Coding

It may seem obvious, but coding remains one of the top skills in demand worldwide. While it’s possible that in the future coding will be taught at the same rate as reading and mathematics, at the moment it’s still a specialized skill and one that companies are willing to pay good money for.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your current IT skill set, choosing a course in one of these specific subjects could vastly improve your job outlook this year. Technology is an area that will only keep growing, and those who are able to keep up with the changes are the ones who will come out ahead.