For years, Google+ is seen as a social network that is not that attractive. Not many brands use Google+ to communicate with its users, mainly because there are not many users who are also on Google+. This past year, however, Google has been making a huge push to make Google+ more viable for brands. It is the anchor of almost all Google services, including YouTube, Google Business Page and Google Sites. There is no better time to start using Google+ as a way of promoting your site than today.

Your Own Google+ Account

Instead of using an existing, personal Google+ account, always set up a new email address and get a separate account for your business. This way, you can keep the account relatively noise-free and maintain a good line of communication with your customers.

Once the account is set up, begin applying branding elements to the page. You need to make sure that the account is instantly recognisable as your brand’s. Luckily, Google+ now has more than enough customization options to play with.

Don’t forget to claim your own custom URL as well. Instead of a long numeric URL, you can have The custom URL can only be claimed once you have reached a certain mark in terms of the number of followers and content.

Hangouts, YouTube and More!

One of the tools you can use to communicate with your users once you have a Google+ set up is Google Hangouts or chat. This platform allows you to talk to users in real-time. Users can also send questions and give feedbacks directly. Use the platform to start a support line or to allow users to get in touch directly.

You can also start using a YouTube channel right away with a Google+ account set up. Video content is one of the best ways to reach new users, provide tutorials and promote your products. You don’t have to worry about producing video content at all. Work with the content department of the best internet marketing company and you will have plenty of video content to share in no time.

The Google+ account is also tied to other Google services, including Google Drive and Google Business Page. The later is something you would want to create in order to improve your local SEO performance. You can add a business address and more information about your startup to the Business page right away.

Sharing Content Through Google+

Statistics have shown that content shared through Google+ are more effective, especially if you are sharing URLs. Google+ has a higher rate of clickthroughs than other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. This is because users who are on Google+ are there to find information.

All you have to do to really benefit from the power of Google+ is fine-tune the way you share on the platform. Instead of just a plain URL with an excerpt, add a caption with questions, opinions or other information that will attract users to find out more about the content you are sharing.

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