Relocating to a new office can be an exciting prospect. Perhaps you’re keen to move to larger premises to grow your business, or maybe you’ve found a base in a better location. However, if you want your transition to a different workspace to be a success, you’ll have to do plenty of planning before the day of the move. To help ensure that your change of address runs smoothly, take a look at the following office move checklist.

Put the basics in place.

No company can run without the right IT systems in place. Imagine if your firm was to find itself without the internet and access to important files and applications. This would surely spell disaster for your day-to-day operations. With this in mind, it’s important to put IT at the top of your checklist.

You’ll need to think about the installation of internet lines, cabling, servers and more. Ideally, you should give yourself several weeks or longer to prepare the computing systems in your new base and bear in mind that it’s much easier to do this work before your employees relocate.

If all this technical stuff puts your head in a spin, don’t panic, help may be close at hand. Specialist IT service providers such as understand the importance of minimising downtime and reducing disruption to productivity. If you’re migrating cloud solutions, expert third parties like this can take the task off your hands, giving you more time to focus on other issues.

It’s crucial to measure up your new office well in advance of the move so that you can select and order any new furniture that you need for the space.

If you require special technical assistance to move and install equipment such as a photocopier, computer network or specialty telephone service, make sure you book this well in advance so that the service is up and running on your move-in date.

Start spreading the word.

Two weeks or more before you uproot your company and shift to your new setting, you should start thinking about informing your suppliers about your impending change of address. You should also set up a postal redirect ready for the day of the move and organise change of address notifications so that they’re ready to send when you up sticks.

At this point, it’s a good idea to order new stationery with your revised business address on it too.

The final preparations

In the days before you make the move, you’ll need to ensure you have enough packing boxes on standby ready to transport your equipment and resources. To make the task of clearing your office out easier, you have the option of using professional packing services.

This will cost you money, but it could make the process much more efficient. Meanwhile, try to time the move itself to cause minimal disruption to your workers. Ideally, you should get most of the transition completed during the evenings or at weekends.

Make sure you arrange for the office to be thoroughly cleaned too so that it’s shipshape for your landlord’s inspection.

As long as you include these points on your office move checklist, you should benefit from a smooth relocation.

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