Be it our daily commute to work, travelling abroad for an important business meeting or just setting out on a relaxing vacation, your business has to keep running 24/7 without any excuses. In order to make that happen, even when you’re on the go, here’s a list of 5 very useful devices that you must have for all your trips. These devices are pocket friendly as well, and can be bought at considerable discounts via some great amazon deals and offers.

Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series 2 in 1:

A must-have accessory for business travels, the Dell Latitude is a 13 inch laptop with a screen that can pop out to make it a Windows 8 tablet with a touch feature as well. You can easily run standard Windows apps like Photoshop and Microsoft Office on this device, making it one of the most ideal devices for frequent travellers. In order to make the best of the many devices that will help your business, you can count on Couponraja Promo Codes to get yourself a great deal for any gadget you choose to own.

Nokia Treasure Tag:

Travelling, especially for business purposes requires you to carry important documents, expensive gadgets and also quite a hefty wallet. And nothing would hurt as much as losing them. That is exactly why Nokia introduced this tag which starts beeping if you leave any item behind. Not only that, but it also helps you look for items that you might’ve misplaced. Nokia treasure tag is extremely tiny and connects to just about any smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0.

TYLT Energy 2K Travel Charger:

Carrying backup batteries is a must for every trip you set out too. After all, important business calls never stop even if you’re away on an exotic trip. And while you’re travelling, it is difficult to find the time to find a plug point and charge your phone. And so, here comes our saviour. This particular travel charger unlike other bulky ones, is very handy and has built-in outlet prongs. Thus, it saves you from carrying those charging cables that are occasionally misplaced.

BuQu Tech PowerArmour Case:

While this product might seem like just any other iPhone cover, it is not. The bulky device not only protects your phone from serious drops but also provides backup battery for one full charge of your phone when its battery drains off. A handy device in-case you also forget to carry a travel charger.

Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch:

Nothing is of more importance to business people than time. And a watch is always a must for them, after all everyone likes cool looks with brains. The Motorola Moto Smartwatch is sleek and attractive looking. Not only that but the watch pops up important reminders, can do searches just by your voice, and the battery lasts all day long.

So go on ahead, just get the above devices to tick off your travel checklist and have a fruitful business trip!

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