If you are part of a company who regularly make home visits, schedule meetings with clients, be it for sales purposes or in order to complete your services or take customer information online, it is extremely important that you build a sense of trust with your customers. By following these top tips you can ensure that your customers will feel at ease around you, allowing you to quickly develop a relationship with them. This will help you to sell, create future business and make your company look professional – a win-win situation!

1. Use branded products

As a sales person, contractor, or service provider, arriving to a client meeting or home visit can be intimidating for both you and your customers. How do they know you are who you say you are? How can you make them feel comfortable letting you into their home?

One of the easiest ways to keep your customers’ worries at bay is to present yourself as a team. Displaying your company’s logo on your bags, uniform, and vehicles will instantly allow you to be recognisable as members of your company. As your appearance will be the first thing your customers will see, this will immediately put them at ease. Not only does this look professional, but can significantly help towards encouraging your customers to trust you.

2. Customers love honesty

It pays to be honest. Whether this involves giving realistic turnaround times that you always meet, or admitting that mistakes have been made, your honesty will help you gain trust from your customers. If you are able to show that you are honest about the little things, your clients will be certain that you are trustworthy when it comes to the big things too.

It is important not to cover up mistakes or oversights as your customers’ reactions will be much worse if they find out you haven’t been honest with them than if you tell them truth. Everyone makes mistakes now and then and it is a sign of a good company or salesperson if you are able to admit to them and learn from them.

This is the same for offering services that you simply cannot deliver in the aim to close a sale. This will always come back to haunt you as all trust in your company will be broken if you simply can’t meet your end of the deal. Business is personal. Make it personal and open up to your customers who are the reason you are still in business.

3. Display your security badge on your site

People want that assurance when they are dealing with new businesses. If you run an online business that take payments online, you should display your licenses and security signs on your website. Most online security companies make it insanely easy to display the logo of the certification authority on your website. Customers look out for them especially when you require them to share their personal information with you.

If you are a new business in the neighbourhood and you are a company that encourages clients to visit your offices, you should definitely consider putting up certificates that show you are authentic and mean business. If your company has licenses or other certificates that show the trustworthiness of your business, you can display the important ones at your office where necessary.

4. Your team should carry identification at business events.

If you take part in business events, make sure that everybody in your team carries identification on them at all times. To give that extra professional look, you can use branded lanyards that will allow you to display both your ID and your company’s brand at all times. Prospective customers will then know exactly who they are dealing with and what company you work for. This will show that you are open, honest, and easily approachable.

This is an extremely easy way of building trust without having to make too much effort. By seeing your qualifications and certificates, your customers will know immediately how successful and qualified you are. You will be increasing the value of your company if you have these documents on offer, presenting yourself as a trustworthy and reliable business.

This post was originally written by Promotional Plus.