If your SEO business is soon to be appearing at a marketing fair, there are a number of things you’ll need to get ready to ensure that the event will be as beneficial as possible to your business. After all, if you don’t get much out of it, there’s not much point in turning up!

We’ve compiled a list of a few tried and tested tips to help your SEO business stand out from the rest.

Be prepared with the right information.

It’s an obvious one, but the most important one nonetheless. You’ll need to be ready to answer questions from potential clients, or at least people who are interested in your business, your strategies and what you can achieve. Be ready with statistics and actual figures regarding the impact you’ve had on a site’s online presence, and how they’ve improved when working with you.

Create an eye catching booth.

One of the best ways to stand out is to of course be visually eye catching and interesting. This doesn’t mean using splashes of neon or crazy patterns – it generally just means using bold colours and professional presentation equipment from the likes of MarlerHaley.co.uk. Ensure that your branding, logos and company names are at the forefront of the designs, so people will identify you immediately.

Include customer/client testimonials .

Adding some customer or client testimonials to your presentation banners or even just on paper on the table will show that you’re proud of what you’ve achieved; and of course, that you have achieved great results in terms of pleasing your customers or clients. Again, aim to use testimonials that include statistics as these will be the ones that really show the impact you’ll have made on their business.

Ensure all members of the team are friendly and approachable.

Ensuring that all members working on behalf of your business on the day are on the ball and are ready to face the public with any questions or queries is so important. There’s nothing more off-putting than chatting to someone at a convention like this that doesn’t really know what they’re talking about, or who isn’t really interested. Keep all your team members up to speed with everything, too.

It pays to educate.

Don’t just think about ways to attract prospective clients. Think about ways businesses can visit your booth to seek advice on what’s possibly wrong with their sites or online presence. You can give practical advice on SEO best practices without necessarily given away all your strategies. Find a way to convince them you are the right business to boost their online discovery.

Don’t forget the business cards.

So, you’ve impressed a bunch of people and they want to hear more from you and how you can improve their business’s SEO. However, they’ll probably soon back away from you if you’re scribbling your number down on a scrap piece of paper. Little things like being armed with professional business cards will make a world of difference when giving potential new clients a good impression of you.

They also make life a whole lot easier, too! Having little freebies on your desk to give away that includes your company’s contact info on is also a good tactic, as everyone likes freebies! And it’s a great way of advertising your company. Things like pens, mugs and key rings can go a surprisingly long way in doing so.

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