The cataclysmic growth over the internet over the past two decades means that, today, even the smallest SME or the newest start-up has the world at their fingertips. Trading internationally has never been easier, and global audiences never more ripe for the picking. It’s the best time to be in business. Your international business can be up and running in no time.

However, there is a great deal of skill involved in turning a domestic enterprise into an international powerhouse. It is not only about identifying and attracting overseas audiences, but also providing them with a service on a par with the one you deliver to your national client base.

Unfortunately, one area where a lot of businesses fall short is with their international deliveries. Many place cost effectiveness over customer service, leading to damaged goods, misplaced items, and late deliveries. For those reliant on repeat custom, and those who wish to build a positive reputation, this simply isn’t on.

To ensure that you don’t count among them, here are three top tips for choosing an international courier service that you can really rely on.

Tip #1: Do your research

When it comes to choosing a courier service, one of the most important pieces of advice that anyone will ever give you is that it’s essential to do your research. You need to shop around to see what’s out there, and take the time to assess different packages side by side.

A good way to do this is by creating a simple table. In one column, write the factors that matter to you: cost, turnaround time, and so on. For each company that you enquire about, make some notes in the box next to them, and then tally up your results to see which ones score most highly.

Tip #2: Choose a Service That You Can Track

Once you’ve narrowed it down to three or four of the best international couriering packages make sure you check how easy it is to track the progress of parcels. If deliveries are late, or any problems arise, your customers will contact you before the couriering firm, and it helps if you can give them an update on where their parcel is.

Equally, it’s good for your own peace of mind. Many delivery services will also provide you with the option to keep your customers in the loop directly, and you’ll find that this is often a big tick in the customer service box from your consumers.

Tip #3: Listen to Recommendations and Reviews

One final tip is to always read recommendations and reviews before making a final decision. It’s very easy for companies to say all of the right things without actually delivering the service they’ve promised. Thanks to the internet, however, these issues can no longer be swept under the carpet, and it’s usually easy to find out about them before you become another victim.

Follow these three top tips today and you’ll find the perfect courier service for your company.   

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