Hiring the first employee to your startup is a big step forward. It’s a daunting prospect too. Your business is finally moving from the one-man bedroom business to a fully fledged company. If you’re thinking of bringing employees onboard, it means business is thriving. The idea you had works and your dream is slowly turning into a reality. So first of all, pat yourself on the back for pursuing something you believed in because it’s working!

Secondly, remember to approach this process with care and attention. You are still a small business and every employee counts. You need to find someone who will work with as much passion as you do. Scaling-up is a careful and precise process. In fact, many graduates actively seek out startups in order to spread their wings. They’ll get more responsibility, and their work will count for something. These are the people you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s look at how to hire your first employees.

Quality, not quantity

Before you dive in head-first, take the time to define the work that needs doing. As a startup, your best asset is still connections and sheer hard-work. Your startup is by no means through the difficult time. You need to find the very best for the job, so don’t jump into anything too quickly. If it means paying a higher salary for a more experienced worker, we recommend paying!


One of the best ways to find your next employee is through networking. Attend events in your industry niche and spread the word about your company. Tell people about your business and watch their reaction. Look for the excitement in their eyes, if you’ve tapped into a passion, this person might be right for the job.


Use your existing network of connections to shortlist potential candidates. What about colleagues you used to work with? Can you identify someone in a similar role who would be perfect for your company? Target them and approach them with an offer. This is often the best way to secure talent in your new business.

Recruitment company

If you want to take the stress out of the hiring process, bring in the experts instead. A recruitment company will take down the skills you require in an employee. They’ll understand the job description and they’ll go and out there and search for you. They may even have a shortlist of potential candidates ready for you. It’s a very simple route to good quality workers without much hassle.

Adverts and online listings

Of course, the other alternative is handling the recruitment process yourself. You can take out adverts in your local newspaper. You could use the powerful online listings to generate your first responses. When the applications start streaming in, we suggest utilising an applicant tracking system. It’s often tough to keep track of all the resumes and cover letters that come your way!

Remember, this is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a company. Those first few employees are vital to the future of your business. Choose wisely!

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