Are you struggling with providing customer service? If so it could be damaging your business. Customers are more demanding than ever from the services they use and the products they buy. If the way that you operate doesn’t please them, then they will just go somewhere else. And worse still, they will tell all their friends.

In fact, there’s an old saying that every customer with a complaint will tell ten other people about their experience. And if you are a small, local business, then those aren’t great numbers. With this in mind, we thought we would take a closer look at some simple ways you can make improvements to your customer service that won’t break the bank.

1/ It pays to use a live chat

Whether you are selling products or services, you know exactly how they work and what you do. Your customer, however, doesn’t have the same insights about your business as you have. Many websites fail on the simple matter of being unable to explain what they do.

Using a Live Chat service can help you stop those potential customers from just shrugging their shoulders and moving on to your competitors. Instead, if they are confused they can just enter a question in the chatbox and you can get back to them to stop them from leaving. They are effective if used properly – and there’s an excellent guide over at

2/ Use social media carefully

Social media can be good for some businesses, but a nightmare for the majority. They can lead to firestorms if your customer service isn’t up to scratch, and all it takes is for a single post or comment about your business to cause havoc. If you have embraced social media, make sure to respond to any criticism or complaints as quickly as possible. Social media experts eModeration recommend that you are professional, courteous, and try to help as much as possible. Some people will always be difficult, but if you can show everyone else that is reading the comments that you are the reasonable party, then the damage will be limited.

3/ Outsource your I.T.

Outsourcing your IT can be an effective method of solving technical issues that are scaring off customers. It can also free up time to improve other areas of your business. Find a firm that puts a priority on regular maintenance rather than a reactive fix. IT support company Net Star state that proper maintenance can reduce the chances of serious issues occurring with regularity.

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than when a business’s systems aren’t working. If something breaks while they are ordering a product, the likelihood is they will move on and buy from somewhere else. If your IT systems are causing you issues, it is important to move fast to avoid losing more sales.

And there you go: three simple methods that can improve your customer service. It’s not just about the way you talk to people; it’s also about the experiences they have when dealing with you. Great customer service means reacting to the customer’s frustrations, whatever they may be.

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