Self storage is not just for domestic customers who need to free up some space in their homes. An increasing amount of business owners have turned to the industry to help improve their businesses success rate.

According to a survey taken by the Self-Storage Association and covered in the Independent, there was a reported ‘5 per cent annual shift away from domestic customers towards business customers.’ This reflects the rising popularity of self-storage units amongst business owners and for new businesses in particular.

1. Expand your business

Is your office overflowing? Are you expanding? If you run your business from a small office but require a large space to keep inventory, self storage could be a great option. This is due to the fact that from using a self-storage unit to house either documents, files, stock or equipment for example, you free up more room within your company’s location. Having extra space for your business goods means that you can expand your company, enabling you to purchase larger orders or to add new stock and product lines to your business.

Free up valuable office space, move your archiving, unused items and furniture into storage. Renting a storage unit from self storage providers including Alligator can help keep your business assets safe whilst you concentrate on delivering better service to your customers.

2. De-clutter the office

If you work from a small office without much storage space then renting a storage unit could be your best option should you want to come across as a professional and serious business. Many new business owners make the mistake of taking clients into an untidy office filled with too much paperwork and boxes – the impression is of a cluttered and messy room.

This will not give others a great first impression of you or your new business which is why a self-storage unit is ideal for office workers. You can easily store your files and documents in a unit and give yourself some much needed space in your office which will, in turn, make it a much more pleasant place to work from.

3. Increase your profit margin

Self-storage is cost efficient and because of its reasonable price to rent, many businesses benefit because it gives them more storage space to hold the goods they wish to sell. Having more space means having a larger inventory to store stock. This could possibly lead to improved sales and profit margin because as your business grows so too will your customers. The more stock you can store, the more you can sell, and so on.

4. Run your business from the unit

It may sound unusual at first, but many start-up businesses opt to run their company from a self-storage unit. Small firms in particular find this method useful as it gives them their freedom to come and go whenever they like.

According to the BBC, the reason self-storage units are so popular with small firms is because they are attracted to the flexibility, short-notice periods and low overheads. There are around 1,000 storage unit sites in the UK providing more than 30 million sq ft of storage space, emphasizing just how popular this industry has become amongst homeowners and business owners alike.

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