A standby power system may include a standby generator, batteries and other apparatus. Emergency power systems are installed to protect life and property from the consequences of loss of primary electric power supply. They find uses in a wide variety of settings from homes to hospitals, scientific laboratories, data centers, telecommunication equipment and ships.

You probably know about most of the options you need in case you need an emergency power system your business or home. There are at least three options as to why people may require emergency generator rentals. These are:

1. Providing power when there is no electricity;

2. Providing power when electricity is in short supply;

3. Temporarily replacing an existing generator.

So what are some of the situations in which may need to find an emergency power supply service in order to rent a generator?

System replacements

IF you want to replace your EPSS (Emergency Power Supply System), you will have a period of time with no emergency backup facility. This can be a serious problem if having electricity is a life or death situation. For instance, hospitals, defense organizations, data centers, first response unites and more cannot go without electricity at all. They may need to choose emergency generator rentals instead.

An EPSS retrofit

A retrofit is generally much quicker than a full replacement. Indeed, it may take as little as a day. However, a day is still too long for facilities such as the ones described above. Indeed, even a single minute without electricity is too long.

An EPSS Repair

Some facilities can take their generators offline if they need repairing. Others, again like the ones listed above, cannot. Hence, if a generator needs to be repaired, they may hire a spare for the time being.

EPSS Maintenance

Similarly, if the EPSS has to be maintained and this involves switching the power off for a period of time, an emergency generator may be required. This is particularly true because maintenance will almost always require a break in electricity, and this can lead to data (or human life) being lost.

Disaster Power Outages

If a disaster has struck, electricity supplies will almost always be affected. If an individual does not own their own generator, they may need to rent one. Unfortunately, in most cases, hiring an emergency generator to an individual is not a possibility. Rather, the generator will be rented to a community facility that will provide power to a number of houses.

Remote Events

Another generator rental option is for remote events. If a festival, for instance, is being held in a field in a rural area away from regular electricity supplies, then generator rental could provide the necessary power for the musical instruments, sound systems and light systems to name but a few, as well as ensuring different stalls can keep their food and drinks cool.

High Voltage Events

Some events, such as large public speeches and concerts, will need a lot of high voltage power that cannot be supplied by the regular network. In this case, hiring an emergency generator can be vital to ensure the sound and light systems reach the entire audience.

Construction Sites

Finally, there are construction sites. Often, work is being done on sites where no electricity is present yet. Similarly, it is possible that the machinery requires a higher voltage than the existing system can provide them with. In this case, choosing to rent a generator may be required.

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