Entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about new and better ways to accomplish most tasks. Every year, a few ideas of the thousands of new startups that launch are able to disrupt their industries and change how we live and do business.

These new and promising startups have the potential to take off and make it into the mainstream this year. Most of the startups  on this list have recorded some of the highest number of up-votes on Product Hunt so far this year.

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While no one can predict the ever-changing startup ecosystem, these are 21 of the most promising startups we are excited to watch in the coming year. These startups are redefining what can be achieved online.

1. WifiMapper— Find free WiFi anywhere in the world.

2. Wonder–Your personal research assistant.

3. CHIP–The world’s first nine dollar computer (pre-launch).

4. Invoice.to –A simple invoice generator with Stripe.

5.  Diffbot— Extract content from articles, products, videos and more.


6. Paragraphs — A minimalist writing app for Mac.

7. Ugly Email — See if an email is being tracked before you open it in Gmail

8. Docady — Keep tabs on every important piece of paperwork in your life.

9. Slack List— A handpicked selection of the top Slack groups.

10. Shuffle — Get a disposable email and phone number.


11. Paperspace is a full computer you can access from any web browser

12.  Soverin–An honest email service that doesn’t sell your data.

13. Buffalo— Blogging made simple.

14. Instashare –Easily transfer files between your mobile device and desktop

15. Yeloha is the world’s Solar Sharing Network


16. Plan–A beautiful organizer that integrates into your calendar.

17. Sunshine–Instant file sharing without cloud storage.

18. Minter –Professional Instagram analytics.

19. Squareknot–Create and share beautiful, step-by-step guides for anything.

20. Startup Lawyer–Educate yourself about startup legal matters.

21. Beagle–A tool for creating better contract proposals.