When your business is starting to take off it is important to keep up the momentum. You may be pushing into new markets or looking to launch a new product. The use of social media is crucial to letting the world know about your progress. It also keeps customers up to date with developments on the products and services they are most interested in. To increase customer participation with your business, you can use events to meet them face to face. It helps to personalize your products and services further.

Find existing industry events you can sponsor.

Event management doesn’t need to be daunting. While you can choose to hire a good events management company, your business may not have the budget at this point to do so. Instead, you and your team can easily take on an event to promote your company and products. The first thing you need to do is find a venue. It is cheaper to hire a pitch at a trade event or community event. It also widens your audience. Look in the What’s On section of your local newspaper to see if there are any events where you could pitch a stand.

Sometimes it is possible to sponsor part of a community or trade event. If your budget can stretch that far then do it. It brings prestige and additional reach of your logo and brand. You will need a display stand at any event. Any exhibition stand should be good quality so it can be transported easily and used again and again. A good display exhibition stand design company is eventstands.co.uk. You need the stand printed clearly, so it attracts maximum attention and makes an impact even in the middle of a school field.

Get the basics right before the exhibition day.

To manage your event, you need to be certain you are meeting local authority licensing regulations. You may be required to have a registered First Aider, free drinking water and minimum seating available. You will also need to Risk Assess the site you will be occupying. If you intend to sell products that require specific licenses, be sure the license is valid in this situation. You’ll need a cash float and order books so you can manage any customer sales and enquiries efficiently. Have plenty of leaflets and business cards available to hand out too. You may want to provide free merchandise, but this has fallen out of favor lately.

Take control and make it fun.

Depending on the demographic you are trying to attract, you may want to bring some fun and games to your event. It provides plenty of photo opportunities for social media. Celebrity visits are always very popular if you can manage it too. Most importantly, you need the right people from the press to attend.

You could include online bloggers, local journalists and trade journal writers. You need to have a story to tell that is relevant to their readership, so try not to be too promotional. This event may be a very long and tiring day for you, but it is important you are seen to be enjoying it. Be seen to be looking after your potential customers, and keep smiling!

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