When you’ve got a great money making idea in your head, you just want to get it out there, get it started and get it profitable. You may rush some of the most tedious tasks on your To Do sheet because you are so excited about your entrepreneurial ideas. Boring things like ordering a website needs to be carefully considered, to ensure it is working hard for your new business.

Your website needs to act like your very best customer service representative. Before you take the cheapest and easiest option for a website, take the time to think about what it should achieve. If you just want to get anything online so you can build supplier relationships, you will probably end up having to do the work twice. Fixing a website that doesn’t work for the customer is a nuisance you can do without.

Taking on a 3 step web design process will help you gain clarity in your intentions that will become reality on your web pages:

All websites need plenty of useful and informative content for your clients or customers. How will you get that content on? Do you have time to write it? Will you need a WYSIWYG interface, or will your RipeConcepts web developer take care of uploads for you?

Some websites are used to sell products, services or merchandise. Do you need a shopping cart facility? Who will manage your online payments and how will that integrate with your website?

All websites need to be easy to navigate no matter what platform they are viewed on. How will you test the functionality of your site on smart TVs, tablets and games consoles?

Another important function of your website is customer services. You want to reward loyalty, so you retain your customers for repeat purchases. Looking after your customers is key. Give them information on the products they bought, and encourage their feedback. Make it easy for them to connect with you, and be certain you are reaching out to them. While social media is a great way to communicate with customers, you should always lead them back to your website.

Whether you are an online business or not, your website is often the first port of call before people step foot inside your office or store. Perhaps they need a map or want to know your opening hours. Maybe they’re not sure if you sell an item they are looking for. This information needs to be easy to find and readily available on your website. You can use local online marketing to help your customers find you even if they’ve forgotten your trading name. Keep your instore and online branding consistent to help customers remember you.

Whatever your line of business, the website you use needs to be powerful. It needs to perform as a customer services representative, a sales person, and a marketer. Make it attractive, helpful, inspiring, informative, and a means to buy from you. Be sure to ask what your customers love most about your website so you can continually strive to give your customer what they want.

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